Monday, June 13, 2011

Eenie Meenie

Sadly I do not know where I got this jpeg from. Its from somewhere on the great wide interwebs. But I so do this. Or rather I don't use a coin. I use Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. Is it juvenile? Yup. Does it work? Every damn time.

Seriously this is how I trick me in to telling myself what I really think about something. I used to sit and AGONIZE forEVER about things. And my Mother was just SO obnoxious because when I FINALLY made up  my mind she'd always say, "I knew you were going to pick that one."

And I'd be all "WTH?? Why didn't you just TELL me so we didn't have to waste all this time (and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth) deciding if you KNEW?!"

And she'd always get this obnoxious little smirk on her face and say, "Because you needed to figure it out for yourself."

I HATED that answer.

But, debates as to whether or not she was right aside (shut up I'm not admitting it), it did lead me to discover my Eenie Meenie Miney Moe method. Because invariably I'd decide that I just couldn't decide so the only real option was to just go with the random. And I discovered that when I let the random decide for me, I would have a gut reaction when I got the answer from Eenie Meenie. I'd either be happy or I'd have that little "oooh no!" moment. And then I knew which it was I was really rooting for. If I was just happy then it was option A that I wanted. But if my heart sunk just a little then it was option B.

And as I've gone on doing this, literally for years, and I some times still do it if I really have to, most of the time I can now read myself better. Or I guess I'm better at telling me what it is I really do want. Its kinda cool that way.

And the goofy thing is that I now find it SUPER annoying when other people WAFFLE. I'm like OMG just DECIDE. Just do it! You'll find out REAL fast if you do or do not really want to do it. But standing here forever is just KILLING ME.

And so I share the wisdom of Eenie Meenie with the masses. I don't care how you do it, but flip your coin or do your Eenie Meenie's and make a choice and just be done with it and you will know real quick like if it was the right one.