Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been a slacker about blogging lately. I guess I don't feel as compelled to write when life is going better and happier. When things aren't as good I NEED to process through things I guess.

So I'm having to adjust my world view. Because thanks to better living through chemistry my neurologist has managed a not so minor miracle. For the first time since I was old enough to know there was difference between "morning people" and "night owls", I don't hate mornings. This is the best sleep I have gotten in nearly two decades. I mean really, truly I fall asleep inside of like 30-40 minutes (usually it takes me 2+ hours). And then I sleep GOOD, just OUT like a light and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Me. I wake up BEFORE THE ALARM and I don't hate the morning. Its one of my deepest held beliefs that mornings are HORRIBLE ways to start perfectly good days. Now I think they're kinda nice and I like getting stuff done before the kid wakes up. 

Its screwing with my head. Seriously. I'm having to adjust myself image of myself as a "night person". 

And oh my holy frickin' cow you would NOT believe how productive I am!! Its like AMAZING how much I can get done and how much energy I have to do stuff! I'm like "Holy CROW!!" and I'm left wondering "Is this how everybody else feels all the time??!" 

I cannot believe how good I feel. I wish I'd been this way in college. Do you know how much better my GPA would have been? And on my mission? Oh man that would have been SWEET!

So yeah, its really weird but I just might actually be adjusting my self concept to: Ami Fleischaker - Morning Person. (I am fighting my involuntary urge to shudder right now). 

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