Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glass Fusing

So I took another amazing class at Art Unraveled last week. It was taught by an awesome artist named Peggy and I learned how to cut glass, how to layer it, do inclusions, dichroic glass, how to set up and run a kiln and how to fire the pieces we made. It was super duper cool. We only had time to fire one piece per person during class and the rest our teacher took the rest home with her to fire in her kilns and then mail them back to us. I haven't gotten my piece mailed back yet BUT I did finally get around to photographing the one piece I took home.

I also learned that photographing glass is harder that photographing silver (which is hard) and its also VERY helpful if you clean the finger print smudges off the glass BEFORE attempting to take a picture. You know you appreciate these little pearls of wisdom.

I'm definitely not in love with the color combo here but the glass changes colors some as you cook it so it was a learning experiment.

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