Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Post #342.91678

So I'm debating the odds that I would have to call a plumber if I were to actually do as I've threatened a million times now and flush the kid down the toilet. Because I apparently did not give birth to a human child as I first thought, I apparently gave birth to a howler monkey or possibly a pterodactyl. Sometimes its hard to tell which really.

Oh and he's cutting a new molar and he's got a cold. So he's been a SUPER HAPPY little camper this week. Can you see me twitch from there?

But in other news I made good headway to today in putting away/organizing my beads in the new drawers. This is super positive and I've been avoiding it. But I realized today that I had this giant mess I call a dining room/ kitchen to clean and I was reasonably confident that if I cleaned it it would simply be dirty again in record breaking time and I just couldn't face cleaning it but then in one corner of the filth I saw the beads sitting there in the suit case waiting to be unpacked and put away and like a shining ray of hope I saw something I could clean that would probably stay that way for at least a day or two and it was bright and glorious. So we spent some quality time playing with the beads (and getting lots of good ideas for what I want to do with some of them).

And other than some minor friend stalkage/withdrawl I'm going okay. And at some point when I'm feeling more verbose I'll tell you all about my trip home for Turkey Day.

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