Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eating Enough

I know, I know its another post about weight loss but get over it b/c its whats on my mind so its whats gonna come out in my blog. *shrugs*

So one of the things I'm most grateful to Weight Watchers for atm is teaching me how much I should eat for my size. B/c - and this sounds totally counter intuitive - but when I first started WW (w/ my old "diet" mentality) I had a really hard time getting all my points in every day. And I tell you I wasn't losing weight like I am now.

That sounds crazy right? I ate less and lost less. Well actually its not so crazy b/c if you eat too little for your size then your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism slows way down and your weight loss stalls out. Given that I've never been this big before in my life I apparently had no clue what was a healthy amount to eat for my size so that I could be healthy but still lose weight.

So in order for me to start losing weight I actually had to loosen the reins up a bit. I know I'll have to tighten them back down later when my daily points allowance gets smaller (but then I'll be smaller too so it won't be painful). So I actually switched back from Fat Free Mayo to regular Mayo just so I could get the points. I actually like Fat Free Mayo (sick I know but its better than the low fat nastiness I tried when I was a kid) so it won't be any big deal to go back to that when I need to and for now I'm losing weight AND eating mayo and cheese on my sandwiches, both of which I initially cut out b/c "I was dieting".

Weird huh?

Also when I was seriously restricting my in take I was MUCH more likely to binge out. And ya know those cookies REALLY add up fast at 5 points EACH. My group leader, Julie, was totally right when she strongly encouraged us to not only eat all our daily points but to eat our whole weekly allowance too. And ya know what? I'm doing better now than I was then. Go figure!

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