Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jewelry Tools I Want/Need/Have

Part of my Brain Dump on the Dream Office/Craft Room/Studio series (Main Post) is a running list of jewelry making tools and supplies I want/need/have:

If I have all I want/need it it gets a **, If I have some/part it gets *.

1. Bench Pin
2. Third Hand
3. Omni Visor*
4. Jewelry Saw (and extra blades)
5. Big Kick (plus dies)*
6. Alcohol Inks*
7. Vintaj Patinas
8. ICE resin**
9. Those super fine glitter powder/embossing powder things
10. UTEE/Melt art
11. Melt Pot for Melt Art
12. Matte Medium
13. Dapping Block
14. Hammers/Mallets: Texture, Riveting**, standard**, chasing**, rawhide**,
15. Vibratory Tumbler
16. Disc Cutter
17. Pasta Machine**
18. Clay Oven (optional)
19. Clay & Nonplastic storage*
20. Wire (copper, brass, sterling, argentium, gold filled, Silver filled (?))*
21. Sheet Metal (Copper*, brass, Sterling)
22. Dremel*
23. Mandrels (ring*, plus variety of straight sizes)
24. Now Thats a Jig
25. Bench Clamp
26. Drill press
27. Firing Blocks*
28. Firing Tripod**
29. Pickle Pot**
30. Enamel Torch*
31. Jewelry Torch
32. Files/Reamers*
33. Liver of Sulfur
34. Enameling Powders*/Sifters*/KlyrFire*
35. Pyrex Beakers
36. Beads & Storage*
37. Findings & Storage* (open/closed/locking jump rings, split rings, ear wires, head pins, lobster/toggle clasps, extender chains, chain, bead caps, metal beads, filigrees, blanks, snap sets,
39. Black Project Trays and storage*
40. Enamel Progress Trays
41. Clay Tools (Tissue blade, rollers, work surface, mandrels, baking racks, plexiglass square).
42. Faceted stones/Glass
43. Calipers
44. Letter stamp sets (probably ImpressArt brand)

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