Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Dream Office/Craft Room/Studio

I have a fairly extensive (and growing) Pinterest board focused on ideas for my dream Office/Craft room/Studio. I'm realizing this space will take some serious planning so I wanted to a running brain dump I can update periodically as I plot so some day when I actually  get to make this space it will be very well thought out b/c the amount of function and flexibility I'm going to need is not to be understated. This is a stream of consciousness conversation for personal use and may not make sense to anybody else. I'm added some separate posts w itemized lists of what I want so I'm adding links to my List Headers.

1. Computer Space - I'm going to need room for my computer plus back up HD, plus printer & cutter and extra paper etc. W/ a dang good chair on wheels so I an roll it from station to station. Some work space next to it and probably storage for my binders and basic office supplies (probably close to my comfy chair b/c there will be lots of back and forth use btwn these two). This is going to be a nicer finished smooth surface b/c of the tech equipment. Over head shelves could hold the printer and cutter and binders etc?? Office supplies in drawers under? Big Idea/inspiration boards close by would be VERY helpful.

Stacked space right next to the computer b/c both the Cameo and the printer/scanner will need to hardline into the machine at times. Scanner will need lots of top access to to put things in and out, so Cameo on bottom and Cameo will need pull out space b/c I'm going to need back access to feed rolls in to it. Large smooth area for the cameo to pull out to. Slide back into bottom corner nook when not in use. Printer just above it. Easy access to hardline for scanner usage and top shelf allows easy scanner access. Going to want lots of paper storage near by also vinyl storage and maybe scrapbooking papers all in the same place. Maybe left side of L has computer, corner has printer/cameo and right side of L is open space for cameo to spread out/photography to happen/order packaging  and tons of storage above and below for all of the above and leads to comfy chair in corner.

I'm also running a business here out of this corner so a scale and shipping supplies and storage here for packing orders quickly. Keeping of receipts and any money boxes and the square or whatever check books etc is wise. Filing cabinet space would be great for papers. I'm going to need a command center for incoming/outgoing mail/bills/shipments so the paper doesn't eat me. Big visible marker board to do list for quicky priorities/notes?

2. Jewelry Space - Wire storage, bench pin, saw, tumbler, hammers, disc cutter, mandrels, jig, clamp, drill press (maybe garage thing), torch space, Third hand, bits and files, black project tray storage, enameling project storage, bead/component/clay storage, pasta machine/clay oven, big kick, finished jewelry display, magnification, lighting, chemicals like pickle pot and antiquings and finishes and pyrex for mixing/using them. Lots of work in progress tray storage. Needs to be a separate surface from my large worktable and my computer area b/c the vibrations and pounding would be bad for the computer and a lot of this is not moveable or not very so it needs a dedicated area. A raw wood work surface wouldn't be a bad idea. Something fairly easy to replace when I trash it b/c with the hammering and drilling etc, this surface WILL get dissed. Slots for bench pin. Needs to be heavy duty to handle the weight and pressure of the equipment. Some combination of pegboard and shelving would probably be wise over head.

Shelves for display pieces for storage of finished jewelry  - So its all out and beautiful for people/students to come see, I take it down and put in containers to pull out for shows/table displays/ I can easily grab and wear for sale/promotion. Busts and Frames and Easels and wracks etc. Some nicer enclosed glass front cases for sterling items/rings.

3. Crafting Storage - Yarn, crochet/knit tools, fine art supplies, vinyl, paint, sandpaper, paint brushes, sketch books, scrapbooking papers/cutters/scissors/supplies, cross stitch stuff, ribbon, washi tape, multimedia. I want this to be super easy to access and as visible as possible so I can see and easily access/remember what I have. But I'd prefer not to have to dust it constantly. ;)

4. Large Worktable Space - I can use this to teach classes. I can use this for big projects like quilts and fabric cutting and doing batches of board painting etc. I can sew on top of here if I have a place to store my machines separately when they are not in use. Tons of storage underneath it. I can make beads here. If my fire set up is moveable I can set it here when I need it. If I can make my photography stuff easy to move in and out I can set up photography here. Big space with awesome lighting day and night. I'm okay if the table gets paint all over it b/c thats what a work table is for. Need to make strategic knee room so legs don't hit the storage shelves under. Cut outs or over hang?? Hmmm??? Perhaps drop sides for space friendly flexibility?? Access all around? Or folds/rolls out from wall to center of room as needed?? Flips down from wall when needed??

5. Comfy Chair Corner (Chaise Lounge anyone??) I need a comfy place to sit and brain storm.

6. Sewing Space - sewing machine, serger, tools, fabric storage, pattern storage, cutting board/ruler, sewing basket

7. Place for another person to sit and visit (or desk chair that can roll around to all my spaces plus the comfy chair should cut it). Folding chairs for classes. Those store easy (elsewhere).

8. Kid corner. Little table and chair, maybe folding, maybe w/ the easel, so they can craft with Momma? A box or two of dedicated kid crafting supplies?

9. Photography space/storage - I need to be able to take pics of stuff quickly and easily in order to post them in online stores. If this doesn't store easily close to the computer would be smart b/c its all going to get edited and put online. Big roll of white paper for back drop. Flexible b/c I need to photograph larger things like signs, that aren't as demanding and tricky, down to shiny silver jewelry that is HIGHLY demanding and tricky. Storage for lights, easel, soft box for jewelry. Perhaps lights can do double duty for craft show tents???

10. General - Hard floors are smart. Tile or preferably laminate, nothing delicate. Maybe a small rug but probably not b/c I don't want anything to impair my wheelie chairs ability to roll around from station to station. I like white for the furniture/shelving with a color on the walls. I need something cheerful and inspiring. A beautiful, happy color with lots of accents. Neutral flooring. Tons and tons of lights from a million angles. I like options. Fan is good. I need to make sure I have enough space for not only everything I have, but everything I plan to have and lots of work in progress storage so its easy to clean and keep clean b/c I have a place for everything and everything can be in its place. I'm an ADHD multi crafter. I need to be able to jump from project to project easily. I need visible labels EVERYWHERE. Only way I'll survive.

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