Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get your Groupon Baby!

So I just have to take a moment to shamelessly pimp my new happy: 


Check it out! I heard about it at Christmas - My Dad got my Mom like a 2 hour massage and facial at a top notch spa in Houston for dirt cheap and I was impressed. So I got home and checked it out. Apparently groupon is in most major cities and I was THRILLED to discover - its here in Phoenix baby!

Basically its collective buying power. Business that wants to advertise offers an awesome deal (usually like 50% off or better) if at least 50 people will buy the deal. Thus far I haven't seen a deal with less than 500 takers. And its awesome stuff! This last weekend we got 40 bucks worth of the best chinese food I've ever had in Arizona for 18 dollars. How sweet is that??

We can finally afford date night AND diapers! Rock on! And so I pimp my happy. Check it out folks:

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