Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want to GO!

I really, really, really wanna go home to Texas and see my folks and my nieces. Like, REAL bad. And Adam can't get the time off work right now and theres nobody that can make the drive with me, but its like 300 bucks to fly it right now by the time you pay all the fees and crap and it would only cost me about 150 bucks to drive it. So I've been debating how crazy it is to just drive it with me and the baby all by ourselves.

The concerns are as follows:

1. The best option for the baby is to leave the house at like 10:30 pm and drive through the night so he'll sleep through the bulk of the trip. Its about 15 hours drive time, 18 with breaks for food and gas etc. If I drove straight through we could be in Houston by about 3 pm the next day. The concern for me is - can I safely drive and stay awake that long? Because if in the middle of the day I realize I have to get some sleep, Caleb isn't gonna be cool with that if it doesn't happen to coincide with his nap time. And usually he won't nap unless it is in his crib or in the car while the car is moving. So there is a high potential for lots of screaming and me being unable to get a nap.

I know I could do this if I was 20 but I'm not, I'm closer to 30 now, but I think it might be possible if I take a nice nap in the afternoon before I leave and I drink lots of mountain dew.

2. Option 2: Leaving early in the morning, driving all day, stopping at a hotel and then driving the next day has several major draw backs - it dramatically increases the amount of waking time that Caleb has to be strapped into the car seat and unable to crawl around and raise Cain like he likes to. Also I have to pay for a hotel room.

3. Caleb's bottles. For the most part he can hold them on his own just fine. But a lot of the time he doesn't want to hold it or he wants to play with it while he's holding it which means formula winds up dripped all over creation. I think I need to switch him to a sippy cup for this to work. Something with handles that are easier for him to hold and that won't leak all over the car when he inevitably flings it around. Because it would massively increase our drive time if I have to pull over every time he wants a bottle. I mean I have to pull over to feed him for sure, but bottles would add a lot.

4. Toys. Once dropped they'd be toast so I'd have to set up some sort of system where the toys are on a rope or I've got a whole bag full that I can hand him every time he drops one because fishing around while driving is a bad idea and pulling over every 5 miles is an even worse one.

I've figured out I can use the umbrella stroller to hold Caleb when I have to pee. He might not be happy about it but its small enough I can get it and me into a stall and have my hands free to do my business.

I think I can pull this off with option 1...

Now, when do I want to do it and what all has to happen before I can leave??

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