Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So tonight I'm worried. Tomorrow I do the last of the laundry and pack my bags, and the next day.... Caleb and I get on a plane and fly out to Houston. One week later Adam will join us for the weekend and then 3 days after he gets back, Caleb and I will fly back. So really Adam will only be here alone for 10 days-ish. But I'm scared. The last time Adam was alone he got really depressed, didn't eat, didn't sleep and shockingly enough got sick and I got to have the long distance panic attack of my life when he went a day and a half with out answering any of my calls and his work called me looking for him because he hadn't shown up in 2 days. I then got to spend hours on the phone trying to get a hold of somebody who could go over to my house and find out if my husband was dead or alive.

Needless to say I will f-ing kill him if he does that again. And yes he's in a much better place this time than he was last time, but it still scares me. I just wish I could see the future and know that it would be okay. And its too late to get a landline phone set up and I just realized we only have one functional phone charger and two phones.... frick. Okay will need to fix that manana, which is stupid to do b/c I want a new phone in a couple months I just need to find out if I can get the iPhone on Sprint later this summer or not BUT I gotta have my phone so there we go.

So i'm up late... worrying...

On the upside I've been more productive lately  cleaning and doing stuff....

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