Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Aside

I am of the opinion that not knowing how to do something (we're not talking brain surgery here) is not an excuse to not do a task. All that is is a reason for delaying the task long enough to figure out how to do it. 

Maybe its just the way I was raised but if I wanna/needta do something and I don't know how to do it - by golly I go figure out how. I'm yet to find something that I can't learn how to do with a good teacher. And the teacher can be anything. Its amazing how much google, wikipedia and youtube have taught me to do. And thats not even touching the stuff other people can teach you and books and all manner of workshops and classes etc. 

So "But I don't know how to do X" is in no way shape or form a valid excuse in my book to not do X. In my book it should only delay X a little. 

My frustration at this exact moment is partially my own and partially somebody elses. B/c I'm sure I'd do well to remember that "The things that annoy us the mot about other people are most often the very things that MOST annoy other people about us." So I'm probably projecting SOME of this but not all of it. 

My frustration is that certain people see the need to change something. They even see how to change it and they recognize that it needs to be fixed and they commit to fix it and then NOTHING. No change. It just keeps keepin' on until the next big moment where it gets hauled out for examination and discussed again just how much it needs to change and then VOILA gets stuffed right back where it came from and NOTHING GETS CHANGED AGAIN. 

Come to think of it I think this problem describes quite large portions of the worlds problems and populace. 

Change is uncomfortable. We don't like it. We humans are lazy and we like comfort and the familiar. Even it it means slowly killing ourselves one little bit at a time, if we've been doing it every day then by golly we're highly likely to keep right on doing it until we're actually dead. B/c change is mean and icky and uncomfortable. 

And its 100% all right to get all sorts of ticked off that other people won't change and be better especially when we can so clearly see that it can only make their lives 100% better if they do change when all the while we're very happily chipping away at killing ourselves. 

I suppose its the old mote/beam analogy. And don't forget the "you can't save a drowning man when you yourself are drowning" bit too for good measure. 

But somehow trying to fix other peoples problems and blaming all of your problems on them is just so much more satisfying than actually dealing with your own. I mean I can totally see why everybody is doing it. 

Including me. 


So, fix me. What do I need to do to fix me....

I need to start the Skinny Chicks program. 
I need to do better with my VT. 
I need to do better with my personal scripture study. 
I need to do better with my calling. 
I need to manage my time better. 

I think taking care of the first and third items on that list will be of the greatest value and help me work towards the other 3 more than doing any of the other 3 will fix all of them. So I think thats where I should start. 


Wish me luck...

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