Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update #4759

So we're finishing up week 2 on the Skinny Chicks plan. So far so good. I think. She says to only step on the scale once a week so tomorrow is the next time I get to weigh myself.

The first week went great and I dropped 6 pounds which is nothing short of amazing. But then I had like a massive migraine and it made me so nauseated my eating was off for a whole day and there was a family gathering in there too so I'm hoping that doesn't affect things too much. So I'm kinda scared to weigh myself tomorrow.

I'm getting used to eating every 4 hours. Its a pain in the butt sometimes but its doable. And I'm starting to get creative and good at finding ways to do the foods I like, on the plan. For example, tonight I marinated and broiled chicken breasts and had some steamed brocolli and brown rice. But plain brown rice with no sauce or anything sounded really boring so I pulled my inspiration from my father's latest tales of making Dirty Rice and so I made the brown rice with chicken broth and garlic and tarragon. It was pretty good. I think I can easily double the spice next time but I was just learning this time around.

Otherwise life is pretty good. Adam lost his cell phone and his debit card in one week which was remarkably stressful but the upside is that it made us go renew our cell phone contract which we needed to do anyways AND it got us new phones! So now I have a royal purple crackberry (blackberry curve) and thanks to some cool discounts I got the data plan I wanted for only 5 bucks more a month than we were already paying (sweeeet). So thats happy.

Caleb's been a little bit of a rotten snot lately. He's got this nice shrieking whiney cry that he busts out with with the LEAST provocation that is DEFINITELY not my favorite. And he's cut back on throwing food off his tray now that I stopped reacting to it so instead he's taken to spitting food out and just letting it run down his bib and just being really ultra picky about what he will or won't eat. And if you try to force him to do anything he busts out with the howler monkey screeching. Not my favorite.

The upside is that he's also been a bit more of a cuddle bunny. I think he's working on a new tooth is a big part of the problem so it makes him irritable but b/c he doesn't feel good he likes to cuddle up with Mommy which we do like so I guess we'll take the good with the bad (like I have a choice otherwise...).

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