Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintaj The Photos: Part 1

I'll post pictures of the town of Galena next but I think this photo post of just the jewelry is going to take up PLENTY of space. Here's what I made! Enjoy!

(For the record all of the metal components are hand finished by Vintaj Natural Brass. I am not YET a full blown metal smith).

These are in no particular order because doing that in blogger would take wayyyyyy the frick too long.

This medallion is an altered blank that was run through the cuttlebug to emboss it, then I used pearl acrylic paint dabbers and alcohol inks and topped it with Ice Resin.

And this is a phototransfer on to an altered blank. I then topped  it with Ice Resin (LOVE that stuff) and wrapped the piece in filigree.

Here's the flip side:

This is a picture I cut out, edged w/ acrlic dabbers, glued in and sealed with Matte Medium and the topped with the charm embedded in the resin.

This is an image transfer done onto pink acrylic paint and yet again resin topped and filigree wrapped.

And the back side:

This is a rub on image, and alcohol inks on bare brass and topped with resin.

The rear piece was my texturing hammer practice that I didn't quite like the way it turned out. And the front plate was me learning to rivet (I can rivet!! *bows*) and the charm was my briolette wrapping practice. :D

If this dragonfly wrapped around the donut looks familiar it was on the cover of one of the big beading magazines like 2 years back. I think its seriously cool.

And here's the flip side:

Another cut out image with matte medium. I just LOVE the way this one turned out. I think the charms just make it.

This is a filigree wrapped around a czech crystal stone. This was the BIGGEST booger to do because theres a couple of weak points in the filigree that will SNAP if you torque it wrong. This was my THIRD try. But hey.... I did it!!

  I love that this is completely reversable: 

Practicing various wire wrapping techniques. 

I did this during open studio for my sister. Those are my nieces names. I'm gonna make this into a necklace I think. I made the flowers from a bead cap I flattened and riveted in place and colored w/ paint dabbers and alcohol inks. 

 I absolutely LOVE this piece. This is another embossed blank and I just think the colors are perfect and I love the butterfly filigree wrap.

This was the first embossed blank I altered. I think I turned out pretty dang good if I do say so myself.

This is an image transfer onto raw brass with charm embedded in the resin. 

This metal is called Arte Metal and is Vintaj's latest release. It was fun to get to play with. Has DEFINITE potential.

 And this little figural wrapping is the coup de gras. He was a royal pain to work with because the brass was MUCH thicker and harder to form to the cabochon and you really didn't want to chink the turquoise. BUT it worked and I did it! And this was my very first try!


  1. Thank you so much! It was SO much fun making them!

  2. Where do you sell your stuff - I am in love with a wee bit of it (all of it!) ...

  3. Hey Lori - I'm in the process of building a website just for that purpose (you can see the little place holder page at beadsjustforyou.com) but right now if you really want something just email me, I've been doing sales via phone, email, pack mule, and carrier pigeon. lol. I love doing custom work. And I'll be in Houston over Thanksgiving if there's something special you'd like me to bring with....