Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Play Session

Today was a day when I FINISHED a bunch of stuff. The thing about the Vintaj pieces I do is that most of them require several steps, some of which may require a couple days wait time, to prepare all the components. This means things take a while and I might go a couple rounds with not too much to show for it. Well today was a day we FINISHED things. And so I'm bragging (as per the usual) because I finished:

5 Pairs of earrings
3 Rings
2 Bracelets
1 Necklace
+ more plotting and working on other focals etc

This first pic is of the necklace I did. I saw one with a center focal like this at Vintaj Earth when I was there for the 2 day workshop last fall. And I absolutely loved it but somebody else in the class got the purple one before I could get there. lol. SO this is my version of the necklace I loved, drooled over, and lost... It looks kinda funny to me on this form b/c this is just the first free necklace form I saw and its TINY, especially compared to the BIG one I've been using so it looks like the proportion is just MASSIVE and I swear its not. Its perfect really. :)

Here's the line up - 3 rings in the top row, you can ID the rest. The focal in progress is the random thing in the bottom left corner. BTW - I'm super proud of that white to pink gradient. Took me some pondering to figure out how if I could pull that off.

Just a sneak peak at things to come. These are some of the other focals in progress. I've been practicing my faux enamel and filigree wrapping techniques.

And this is a necklace I did last week and never got a picture of. I'm just stoked w/ how it turned out.
 And a bit closer.

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