Thursday, July 28, 2011

I lack FOCUS

I swear I have the attention span of a caffeinated squirrel. Maybe even a caffeinated squirrel that has just discovered speed.

I just have SO many things that I want to do and get done (many of them fun, some not so much) that its really hard to prioritize and not just go w/ what I feel like doing at the moment - although that is what winds up happening a lot of the time and can be good b/c I tend to be VERY productive when I do what I WANT to do.

So just to give you an idea of the things I want to do (with some notes on why I can or cannot proceed):

1. I want to paint the hallway (but I need to unbury my dining room post living room painting).

2. I want to paint the dining room (need paint. already spent paint money on hall/living room paint). I also want to refinish all the cabinets in my entire house but I lack the tools (and the money to buy the tools and materials) to do so.

3. I want to finish redecorating the living room. (budget issues there too, also I need to move a few thousand photos over to the other computer b/c my poor lappy is getting old and starting to wheeze. And I'm kinda on a photo editing strike atm).

4. I NEED to finish editing photos, take MORE photos and edit those and get all of them up on Etsy. But I'm REALLY tired of photo editing right now. I've done several hundred and don't want to do more for a little bit.

5. I want to open a new Etsy store selling handmade components. I think this will be a lot of fun to make and will sell well (better than finished pieces). However, this requires sitting down and making more stuff, photographing said stuff, and MORE of the dread photo editting. Hence the delay.

6. I wanna cross stitch. I just found these AMAZING patterns for Tiffany windows that somebody turned into cross stitch patterns and I'm in love. I WANT to do these. I haven't done any cross stitch in a couple years and I've got the itch. I think I want to do a series of them and hang them like on the wall in the dining room or something. But I need something else to suck up time like a hole in my head. BUT maybe I can do it during church to keep my hands busy instead of my usual knit/crochet project? I dunno. But w/ like 50+ colors used in the patterns it ain't gonna be cheap thats for sure. I'll have to think on this one a little more I guess.

7. I want a new knitting project. My only concern is the new pattern I wanna do is a bit more complicated and uses nicer (more expensive) yarn so I'd have to learn how to read upper level knitting patterns (I know crochet it can't be THAT much harder) and afford a chunk of expensive yarn...

8. I wanna spend some time making more pretty jewelry things. Firstly for the therapeutic value, for the creative outlet and stress relief and for the obvious monetary reasons. Downside is the creation of more photos that requires more photo editing.... (are you noting a theme here?)

9. I want to get myself published in a jewelry magazine. This requires hunting down submission requirements (mostly done), coming up w/ submission ideas (some mags want specific things) and creating the submission documents and photos for those need edited etc. Also you need new stuff for like EACH magazine. Can't submit the same thing to every one. And it needs to all be original work (and depending on the type thats easy for my multimedia stuff and not so easy for my wire work stuff b/c I so far have stuck to patterns from other people) so that means I need to sit and get really creative. Its involved. And some have dead lines any time and some only at certain times of the year... We'll see. Either way I need to do more #8 and #4 in order to do this one. Heck I'd even like to write a book but thats like at LEAST 25 magazine submissions plus hunting down a publisher so lets start small shall we?

10. We need cash flow (part of the idea behind #5) so I either need to get #5 off the ground like YESTERDAY or I was thinking of doing some free lance work online. I'll do anything, minor graphics work, databases, heck I'd even do data entry at this point. I just need money and I'd really prefer to not check groceries again ya know? But the free lance thing requires business cards, and a website and portfolio and a LinkedIn profile etc. And thats a whole bunch of brain work I've not been able to wrap my head around b/c my head wants to paint and redecorate and cross stitch.

11. I need to conquer the office. I think I'm at that point. I think the big garbage bag is going to come out and I will show no mercy. But its just so icky in there and will require sorting paper. A job I loath more than photo editing right now. But it has to happen. And sooner rather than later would be good b/c then I can use that space to make big jewelry messes! See there are perks!

12. I wanna quilt. But I really need one of those big cutting mats and thats another 50 bucks I don't have.

13. I want to redecorate my bed room and bathroom. Once again theres the whole money issue.

14. I really wanna DIY some art for the living room. I've discovered Pinterest which is the awesome sauce and I have a bunch of ideas from Etsy and heck right now I'd love to go buy a $600 cutter that is like the Cricut except you can design anything you want on the computer and it can cut it out for you and that would just rock my socks but I need to take on another money/time sucking enterprise like I need a hole in my head.

15. Also I really want to start doing more w/ the kiddo - go to the library, go swimming, meet w/ the play group from church. And I want to start going to the gym regularly (they have an awesome kids area) but the issue I'm having atm is that since I stopped my sleep meds, my sleep deprivation level has been accumulating and is starting to reach zombification levels which is so annoying and means my mojo in the mornings is ZILCH. Which sucks and means I can't make times for things that are non critical. Its dissing my chi.

So yeah, these are just a few things swimming around my head. It would help if I was a person of limited interest. Then maybe I could focus and really achieve in any ONE area. But right now I've got my fingers in so many pies its hard to do anything...

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