Friday, September 23, 2011

See what I made today!

Well I'm here in Galena, IL again to attend the 2 Day Comprehensive workshop at Vintaj. Its AWESSOME. Having so much fun! I had a nasty migraine this morning so I missed going out to lunch and about an hour of class b/c I just had to lay down and let the meds work. Thankfully I already know everything htye wer going to teach so we're good. So here's what we've made SO far. Most are still works in progress but either way its fun!

Here is a stamped blank on the right with brass, Arte Metal and copper. ANd i'm not usually a big mixed metal person but I do like the flower and vineon the left. 

These little beauties are a faux patina on Arte Metal. They'll get a layer of sealer tonight and be ready for play (we're making earrings) tomorrow.

And these little earrings wer made this morning. Cute w/ some good basic techniques. Great to keep us occupied while we took turns discovering the DecoEtch and DecoEmboss plates. (SO COOL)

Speaking of the Etch and Emoboss plates:  Some more works in progress:

And here's a little teaser pic in preparation for tomorrows class: Image transfers in progress. :)

Did a couple hours of shopping after class. Met some of the lovely ladies from my class fro dinner at One Eleven Main (yes thats the name). So good. Now I"m fighting to keep my eyes open to type and minimize typos. lol

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