Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I have ADHD

I don't so much have a specific direction to this post. But I miss my blogging and so here I am posting. So we're just gonna let the ADHD do the talking and see where it takes us:

I have this huge giant to do list and a head ache that is impairing me from being able to get'er'done.

I'm irked b/c I decided to sit down and bite the bullet and transfer over to my new phone. My Dad got an iPhone so he gave me his EVO 4G which is WAYYY better than my little Blackberry curve (which I would describe as an excellent smart phone gateway drug - the "crackberry" is well named). So I'm excited about the upgrade - but I'm nervous. B/c that little black berry - limited tho it is - is my right arm. And I really can't afford to not have it fully functional.

So first I try to activate it online and it tells me I have to call and speak to somebody. So then I call on my blackberry and it tells me I have to call from a phone OTHER THAN the blackberry. So then I call from the business phone and discover I can't hear JACK on that thing unless its on speaker phone (good to know), I try 8+ times to get it right - but theres no "oops I hit the wrong button can I please do that over" option so you have to hang up and go through the whole damn thing AGAIN and thats when I decided I either needed to blow the phone the frick up or just wait until nap time is over and go to the sprint store and deal w/ a human being.

Also - graph paper pads may just trump yellow legal pads as my new favorite for list writing. I love that no matter what direction I'm coming from I can get nice, super straight lines (which helps keep the OCD at bay).

Item B: I'm impressed w/ the battery life on the iPhone 3G (the business phone) that I'm babysitting while the boss is out of town. The boss decided to upgrade to the iPhone 4 and get a new phone line on her family plan and make the old phone the business line and credit card machine (love Intuit GoPayment). So for 10 bucks a month we have a business line and credit card machine (and the boss doesn't have to give up her iPhone when she goes out of town).

#246 part A: The family dinner at my house on Sunday was very good for my ego b/c I got all sorts of compliments on my redecorating efforts in the living room and dining room. Which of course made me feel like a million bucks.

22. The headache is improving but will require more drugs. I hate the POS drugs you can take when you're trying to get pregnant (no I am not pregnant yet to the best of my knowledge but b/c its physically possible atm we're playin' safe). For starters these particular pills taste like a** and don't work worth a chit (no pun intended).

And last but not least on this random post: I should so be mowing the yard to get the grass seed down ( you have to over seed w/ rye grass here if you want a green lawn in the winter and that has to happen like NOW), cleaning and reorganizing so when I meet the chick tomorrow to see if she wants her kid to come play w/ my kid a couple times a week for a part time babysitting gig she won't run screaming the other way. Upside - the house was just cleaned for the family this last weekend so its not as bad as it could be. And my kid survives it every day right? .... yeah.....

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