Monday, January 23, 2012

No GPS Tagging for you!

Clearly I'm the wrong sort of person b/c while I'm definitely usually pro-privacy, I would have been the lone dissenting vote if I was on the supreme court...

Yeah, apparently you now have to have a warrant to gps tag a car. My thing is that you don't have to have a warrant to put somebody under 24 hour surveillance and I don't see what the difference is. Or rather I see the only difference as being a great savings to the tax payers b/c they don't have to spend valuable man power to follow somebody when you can just tag their car.

But apparently the Supreme Court disagrees with me. Unanimously. *ouch* They say it falls under an unreasonable search.

I'm like hey if it makes it easier to sort out the bad guys from the good guys for less money, and you could do the same thing, with no warrant, if you put some poor flunky on their tail 24/7 then whats the difference?

But clearly I'm now Big Brother.... *ouch*

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