Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ami Meets The False Eye Lashes

So I was chatting with a friend of mine today who FREAKED OUT when she found out I hadn't tried false eyelashes. And I've kinda been wanting to try them and I had to go to the pharmacy anyways SO... I grabbed me a pair of these while I was there:

My girlfriend told me to get this brand but with strings attached for easy application and unfortunately they only had one pair with the strings on them and they were HUGE. WAYYYY more massive than these guys so we went with the harder to apply double pack to start the newbie off with something a smidgen less.... dramatic. 

So we're gonna go on a little adventure and I'm going to do something I probably will regret doing later and post photos of myself through out the make up application process so you can see the "Before" and "After" shots for comparison. 

Thats right I'm going to post completely un-retouched, absolutely no make up on close ups of myself. Online. No I'm not under duress (yet). (No I'm not making the before picture larger right now). 

Wow scary I know. I haven't even washed my face AND my eyebrows need a touch up. Love the red nose. Just MAKES the look. We're not discussing under eye circles, m'kay? 

So this is me with my face washed, moisturizer applied, and about an inch of concealer, primer on my eye lids and MAC mineral make up on my face. Much better, but kinda colorless.

So lets add some color shall we? Just b/c I always like the difference between with and WITH OUT mascara I'll show you this one with all my color done. I used bronzer for blush and did my eye shadow.

Please also note that we're performing this little experiment during the commercial breaks of "So You Think You Can Dance" so quite a bit of time passes as I do this, which is why my make up gets decidedly less fresh as things go on. 

And THIS one with mascara, eye liner and my eye brows done. If you don't think the hair on your face makes a difference these two shots (the ones directly above and below these lines) should convert you. LOOK I have EYE LASHES MA!! Oh! And eye brows!! They look super dark, but guess what, NOW they match my hair! And my husband wonders why I'm in love with my mascara...

 (and why yes I do have my mother's chin lol). 

And just so you can see what it looks like with the lids closed for comparison. 

And now we got to the REALLY hard part - putting on the fake eye lashes. Yes according to the wisdom of the ages (Google) I applied ALL my make up FIRST so I wouldn't funk up my eye lashes after. I mostly think this was the correct choice.

It started off pretty promising... kinda. Or rather it made me feel good about myself that instead of having to trim down the lashes to fit my eyes, they're actually a bit small for me. How cool is that?? I always thought my eyes were on the small side but these were BIG lashes and they don't make it but like almost 3/4s of the way across my lid with my eyes open. Sweet!

That was the high point.

Can I just say WOW that was more difficult than I was expecting it to be after watching all those YouTube videos of women confidently making this look so DANG EASY!! My first attempt to put them on I glued all my natural lashes on my right eye together. THAT took some undoing.

But eventually we got there. If I had taken video it probably would be a comedy... And MAN do these things feel weird. I've had them on a couple hours now and they're starting to not feel so odd but at first it was way funky. And the Hub was totally weirded out by them so by the time I got to taking pictures this is about how I felt about the experience:

Or maybe this one sums it up better: 

So lets do this. From a distance I don't think they look too bad. Definitely more noticeable than my natural ones: 

And here's lids closed... and why yes I fixed my eye liner on my right eye and forgot to fix my eye liner on my left. Nice of you to notice... You couldn't see my eyeliner like at all once I was done gluing and I had to use my pencil instead of my liquid liner b/c I couldn't get the liquid around the GIANT eye lashes. They look small in these photos but seriously - I look up now and my eye lashes touch my eyebrows!!

And a couple of terrifying close ups for the people who want to see every last pore lash. I had to crop my nose out of these shots b/c with the camera *this*close* to my face it looked crazy large and it was bothering me and we're discussing my lashes anyway okay so just get over it. No giant nose shots for you!

For the most part I really like the way they look. I'm debating if it looks weird to have them end before I run out of lid, but gluing the insides in the right place was WAY harder than the outsides b/c I have like no natural lashes there to stick them to so it was an adventure. Also I don't like how you can kinda see the little dotted lines on the insides where the lashes stick to their strip...

And here I teach you a valueable lesson about the importance of fixing your eyeliner after you put your lashes on so you don't wind up with one eye looking good and the other eye sporting really obvious fakes.

You're welcome.

Really my charity knows no bounds:

And so because thats a CRAZY amount of scrolling we'll give you some nice big fat before and afters right here at the end. You're welcome, again. 



 If you say you can't tell a difference please feel free to choke to death on a Tribble. 


  1. Have i told you that you have a strikingly gorgeous face!? Oh that's right, I have! I think they look awesome. Now I want to try them.

    1. Oh thank you. You're so very kind. Seeing this many close ups of my own face was starting to give me a complex b/c all I can see are the asymmetries in my features so its lovely to know that other people just think they look nice instead of nearly deformed. LOL Normally I'm fine, but WOW thats a lot of close ups...