Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Well, its official - we are parents. lol. What do you do when you have a whole evening sans child and its your anniversary? You've just had a romantic dinner (steak au poivre, roasted red potatoes, asparagus, sour dough bread and sparkling apple grape juice - so SO good!) and now you're both relaxing comfortably. You start with a romantic back rub and then you fall asleep! ROFL.

I know, how sad is that? I mean I am PMSing so I'm not exactly feeling lovable right now but I still think its funny. And a little bit sad. But oh well. We'll have all day Saturday to celebrate and so we'll have a second chance at romance. lol.

Today was a very good day. Very productive. Caleb has almost returned to his regular nap schedule (the trip to Houston plus a growth spurt really messed with his sleep and therefore my sanity), so he was absolutely charming and I was not about to fall over tired and Breonna came over the watch the Coo Bucket and I was able to get a lot of work done designing the web page.

Namely, I got the main welcome page sketched out, content for the site outlined and we've got 3 of the 5 logos done that I need, we've picked our color scheme, but now we needed to pick wall paper (for banners etc) and flourishes. So I went and checked out - which is AWESOME and found a few dozen options but then I needed to consult with my business associates as to what exactly we wanted.

So I made a call and thankfully 3 out of 4 of them were in one location and available RIGHT THEN for consult so I left Caleb with Breonna and made a mad dash to Kathleen's house to get opinions. I was only there for like 45 mins and we were super productive! :) We narrowed the wall paper options down to two (I'm going to edit samples into our color scheme for final approval) and picked out a set of flourishes (that thankfully match both wallpaper options) and narrowed the logo pool down some.

Current logo pool status goes: 3 down , 2 to go. We've got Mon Ami, Whimsical Garden and Sparkling Elegance done. Now we're just trying to hash something out for Kathleen's Per Lei and the company Beads Just For You. We finally narrowed the BJFY logo down to two options but it was agreed that the 2nd option is too plain and needs a revamp before the final decision is made and we got Kathleen to commit to which fonts she liked (kinda) so now I'm going to come up with some logo options and hopefully we'll get a winner in the first batch.

I have to say working with a bunch of artist is a unique challenge... lol. Mostly because we all have such different styles (which is why we work so well jewelry-wise) and such definite opinions. Getting everybody to agree on the same thing and getting something they like is, I must say, more difficult than I anticipated. But the good news is that I think long term we've got some really awesome options and its going to be wonderful.

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