Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think they have the Dumb.

So the long and the short of this article is as follows: Royal Caribbean cruise line has resumed its stop in Haiti after last weeks earth quake. They stop at this nice beach on the north side of the island. Apparently all the death and destruction is on the SOUTH side of the island (or some such similar geography) and people are freaking out and saying we're all burning in hell and how dare they go and have people pay to frolic on the beach when there is death and dying just a few miles away. Clearly these ships should stop some where else.

And here is why I think they have The Dumb:

1. So it's okay to frolic on the beach as long as its not in too close of proximity to death and dying? So a beach 50 miles of water away is somehow completely different and totally okay as opposed to a beach 50 land miles away? How far does it have to be to be kosher? Different country? So it would be okay to frolic on the beach in the Dominican Republic - read: the other half of the island where the death and destruction is located but some how morally wrong to do so INSIDE Haiti.

Does it have to be more than 1000 miles? Cuz if so you just plain can't go to any other island in the whole frickin Caribbean. Just cancel your vacation. Stay at home and think sober thoughts on the suffering of others. By the way - you're going to hell for that vacation you took last year. I'm sure somebody some where on the planet suffered and died while you played in the sun you evil bastage.

2. So the south half of the country has been completely devastated. This therefore means that all their friends and family on the northern half must now have their livelihoods wiped out so they and their children can no longer afford food or shelter because tourism is their trade but playing on the beach while other's suffer is wrong so now I have to go out of business and suffer too. Good thing that those lucky bastages in the Dominican are on the other side of the magic line b/c they're sure going about their business as usual instead of suffering as is proper and right.

I'd like to note that Royal Caribbean (with whom I have no association with whatsoever) has 250 employees at this resort stop. That doesn't include all the locals and businesses in the town that make their living off the tourist who come to this port. RC has also spent over $50 million dollars on this lovely slice of paradise and is one of the top foreign investors in Haiti. But clearly they should be boycotted and shunned for bringing people with money to come play and spend their money in this beautiful island paradise b/c on the other side of the island there is suffering and death. *nods vigorously*

Good. I'm glad we've cleared that up.

Crap, there was death and dying in NYC after 9/11 and I went on vacation there 2 years later. Am I going to hell? Is there a time limit on the mourning period? Is 2 weeks proper? 2 years? 10?

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