Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Happy Crack

Happy Crack Item 1:

The Rose Bush

So when we bought our house some idiot had planted a rose bush (read full sun loving plant) in the one and only shady spot on the entire property. So its been languishing and looking pathetic and mostly dead next to my front door (nothing like a lovely eyesore to make the guests feel welcome) since we moved in. Because when we first moved in it was August in Phoenix (and since I don't have a death wish we didn't do hard labor in the yard), and then when it cooled off I was pregnant and had other problems so basically this little plant has continued its sad existence in the yard.

Until this last weekend, when we took advantage of the nicely softened rain soaked earth and dug a nice big hole in the back yard in a nice bright sunny spot that I can see from my kitchen window and transplanted the rose bush. I pruned it first and we lined the hole and topped it up with miracle grow garden soil. And I figured that if the shock of the move didn't kill it that it just might survive.

Well I went out there to check on it this morning and its stems have all turned bright green and its got a bunch of little new red growth buds on all of the stems!! :-D I am SOOOOO excited!! I've never seen this little plant bloom so I don't even know what kind/color the roses are. So hopefully I will get to find out and have a pretty healthy little rose bush! :)

Of course I now have hole in the front yard but I think we'll deal with that this weekend. I'm thinking I wanna train a bougainvillea to a trellis....

Happy Crack Item 2:

Hello - this is SWEET! So I am now pimping Groupon to everybody I know. What is it? Basically the mighty power of collective bargaining. The Groupon folks get together with some company and cut a deal such as if at least 20 people sign up then they'll give us a discount (usually at least 50% off). So you can get half off on restaurants, theater, classes and activities, movie tickets, etc. Its SWEEEEEEET.

My Dad found it - they've got Groupon going in most major cities and for christmas thanks to groupon he was able to get my mom like a two hour massage at a very high end spa in Houston for dirt cheap. Its amazing. So please if you wanna sign up - tell me and I send you an email and then I get $10 bucks from Groupon for the referral (or if you're not feeling generous you can just sign up at their site).

Happy Crack 3:


So I think the name sounds like some sort of cybernetic feminine hygiene device, (I personally like iSlate much better but they didn't ask me so...) BUT they made this new toy so sexy I'll forgive them for the name.

Check it out people. We see your Kindle and your Netbook and we raise them the iPad. Seriously this thing is gonna be the Kindle killer. What is it? Basically a giant iPod Touch but better. You can do eBooks, news paper, movies, music, email, surf the web, etc all on this gorgeous 10 inch touch screen. Its a half inch thick and weighs a whole 1.5 lbs.

All I have to say is when I go back to get my doctorate - I want one. Can you imagine going to class and only having to haul this little beauty in your purse or messenger bag instead of my usual undergrad line up of: laptop & power supply, notebooks, assorted writing supplies, planner, and at least 2 fifty pound each textbooks. Now I can take notes, carry my text book and keep up w/ email all on one sexy, light weight little wonder that comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in.

Oh and did I mention the price tag? 499. Thats it. Your crappy Netbook is 300. Your Kindle is 260. Oh and like every amazing Apple wonder for the past few years has had its price tag drop massively within a few months of its debut. So I'm gonna vote that this baby is gonna stay nice and competitive.

All I have to say is "WOW" and "I want one".

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