Monday, January 11, 2010


So I picked my blog name for several reasons:

1. I DO like sparkly objects. I've had a magpie like attraction to anything shiny since I was a kid, and its only gotten worse as I've gotten older - hence why I make jewelry, and you'll probably hear a fair bit about that b/c when I'm excited I need to brag and babble and plot.

2. I think part of my attraction to sparkly objects has to do w/ some undiagnosed ADD (SQUIRREL!) and so I tend to go off on odd tangents, and get distracted by whatever strikes my fancy. So ... the title is fair warning.

3. It's simple and a little bit different.

4. Its all I could think of at the time.

So WHY am I starting another blog when I don't write half as much as I should on the other one. Mainly, b/c the other one is a "family" blog. I'm supposed to write about the kiddo. I need a place for me to rant and ramble and carry on and blab. I do admit there is a hint of ego involved in this. While I don't expect that anybody will ever read this blog (given they haven't read anything else I've yet written) I keep hearing Julie from "Julie and Julia" (if you haven't seen this movie you MUST. NOW. Moral mandate!) say "I can write a blog! I have thoughts!" And the fact that I do read "Mommy Wants Vodka" on a regular basis (should Aunt Becky ever read this - we need to be friends) means that somebody might someday actually WANT to hear what I have to rant about.

And really this is another go at an old dream. I never really thought of my self as a writer growing up. I'm one heck of a reader, but I never really wrote for fun. But when I was serving a mission for my church I would write these bi-monthly letters that I would make 100 copies of and mail off to the masses and I got a ton of positive feedback on them. I mean, people who don't give compliments out willy-nilly gave me compliments and said they expected me to go on to become a best selling author. It was some very nice ego stroking kudos moments let me tell you!

So I faithfully came home from my mission, went back to college, and started taking creative writing classes and that is when I hit upon my problem. I am a fantastic story teller (if I do say so myself) but I SUCK at coming up with a story. I do great telling stories from my life but um... the "creative" part of the creative writing class was pretty much a fail. (Although I admit my professor was far too nice a man to ever say that directly).

So unless I wake up one morning and pull a Stephenie Meyer I am NOT going to be the great American novelist. However, I think I just might have what it takes to be the great American blogger.

So here it goes. I can pretty much guarantee that every post will be verbose because I simply do not know any other way to talk (without re-writing the thing 6 times to whittle it down). My posts will have LOTS of random asides - usually in parentheses (in case you haven't noticed that by now). And generally be about whatever I happen to feel like rambling about at the moment.

My goal is not to offend people, but I might by the things I write because I will probably not censor myself too much here. I'll try to watch the language (mostly b/c I'm trying to be better about that) but I've never been much of one for considering certain topics taboo, I think that to be naive is dangerous b/c you can walk into things you don't want to if you don't recognize what is going on.

The last reason for this blog is to give me some one to talk to at 2 in the morning when I can't sleep and I just need to mind purge so I can get all this crap out of my head and putting it in print seems to help me be able to sleep better.

So, that said, let's rock!

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