Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Post #23487

I just read a news story (courtesy of Eureka Times-Standard and ... apparently theres a really bad batch of LSD floating around Arcata, CA leading to a bunch of people calling the cops b/c of extreme craziness courtesy of the drugs. Their top example included a guy who called 911 after he castrated himself. Neither the cops or the paramedics could find the missing parts though to take with to the hospital. The guy finally got it together enough to tell them that he had flushed them down the toilet b/c they contained "monsters".

Yeah.... thats why I don't use drugs.

Also for the win was an FML yesterday from a dude who said "Today my wife changed her facebook status from "Married" to "Widowed". I'm scared. FML" After I stopped laughing I decided his wife was my kind of woman and then wondered what the bastage did. lol

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