Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow what a week...

So this last week was quite the roller coaster! We started off Monday by waking up and my minor cold that had been chewing on me for the last week went super nova and turned into the sinus infection - o - satan and was like messing with my ears or something so I had this weird vertigo experience every time I moved. So I called and begged and my sweet Aunt Lois came and saved the day by driving me to the doctors office. I didn't think driving my self while the world was spinning round was a good health practice.

It was a new Family Practice guy b/c we do NOT like Adam's GP. Adam's doc might be smart but his bedside manner leaves A LOT to be desired and since that matters to me and he's already at the top of the fricking planet and I'd like somebody closer thats two strikes and I'm done with him. SO! New doctor a friend of mine recommended. So far I really like him. Nice guy, nice office staff. Somebody in the group is a serious technophile cuz every doc and nurse there had a little baby lap top they carried around and did all their charting on. He took a looksy, did a strep culture (which thankfully was negative) and wrote me a scrit for some kick butt antibiotics.

By Tues morning I was feeling night and day better (I LOVE good drugs!) and we took Mr. Caleb to the Pediatrician for his 12 month check up. Mr. Caleb is doin' great and if you want all the stats I will be posting them to Fleipaper in coming days. Downside was that he got three shots and was more than slightly whiney and unhappy about that for the next several days. Tylenol helped but you could TELL when it was time for more b/c he just started screaming.

Tuesday morning also started off with Adam poking his head in the door while I was feeding Caleb breakfast and announcing that his car had a flat so he was going to take mine! And I was like NO! I need  it to take Caleb to his appt. SO we got to speed up the schedule that morning, drop Daddy off at work, and then get Caleb to his appointment, both a little late. Tues night we had AAA come and put the emergency spare on for us b/c I didn't feel like changing it and Adam's back was hurting him and well, thats what AAA gets paid for right?

Then we dropped the car off at Pepboys on Weds and of course the tired had a big fat nail in it too close to the edge so they had to replace it and the other was pretty worn and we'd already replaced the front two a few months ago so that was two new tires we weren't planning on buying.

Weds was also the day we got the news about Adam's job going to pot so that was an all around great day...

So then Thursday, I'd been saying that I was gonna wean Caleb off the bottles to the sippy cups sometime soon, and since I was officially out of clean bottles but I had clean sippy cups we decided there was no time like the present. O M G. It was AWFUL. Caleb strongly prefers the bottles. They're easier to drink out of and while he's taken sippy's before with out a problem when he decides he wants the bottle he pitches a fit. He screamed for 4 hours straight at one point. The very sight of the dread sippy was enough to make him hysterical. By the end the sight of me as well made him hysterical. I actually put in headphones and started watching a movie on netflix online just b/c he wanted me to hold him while he threw his tantrums and Mommy was starting to get a little suicidal.

By the time Daddy got home (late b/c he had a chiropractor appointment) Mommy was about to slit her own wrists. I handed him the kiddo and got myself ready to leave as fast as I possibly could and took off to run errands and didn't come back until after he was a sleep.

Caleb did wake up in the middle of the night Thurs night and I was terrified he'd have another melt down, but he took the sippy with out a problem and has happily taken them with out complaint ever since.

I don't ask why. I'm just grateful.

Friday morning I took 2 whole minutes to run into the kitchen to make Mr. Caleb his mid morning sippy cup and I came back in the living room and somehow he had the baby Tylenol. Don't ask me how he got it. Its usually kept in a baggie, in a drawer he can't even get to and couldn't open even if he can get to it. But somehow he had it, he got the child proof lid off that I have a hard time getting open, and had the bulb syringe in his mouth and the now empty bottle in his hand and a small puddle on the floor. The puddle wasn't big enough to account for the half bottle full I knew should have been in there.

Oh man, I FREAKED. I grabbed him and washed him off, mopped the puddle on the floor, mostly so he couldn't lick it up or something while I called Poison Control (who is now in my speed dial). Thankfully I knew his exact weight and roughly how much was in the bottle etc.

Turns out Mr. Caleb was just fine, maybe a little more sleepy than normal but otherwise fine. I did have to check on him every 15 mins while he was sleeping and if he hadn't moved then I had to tickle his feet until he did b/c if he was hard to wake then I was supposed to call 911. The Poison Control people were so nice and called to check on him a couple more times to make sure he was still okay.

I well and truly felt like the worlds worst mother. I initially didn't tell anybody other than Poison Control, my husband and my Mom, just b/c I felt so horrible. I still don't know how on earth he got the bottle and how he got the lid off. He's absolutely fine and theres no trace of any problems but it was a long scary day for me even though he was just fine and played normally.

Saturday was a good day. We got the house picked up and Adam went after the yard with the weed wacker again. Its looking almost civilized now.

Sunday was actually another good day, we went to church and I love watching Caleb interact with all the people there. Big, gruff men who don't usually talk much, at least to me, can't help but be charmed and turn into doting Grandpas with a twinkle in their eyes. :) Then we went out to Bill and Jo's and had a big, fun birthday party for Mr. Caleb with all Jo's family and that was a really great time.

Back around to Monday again and we had a nice quiet day of R&R here at home watching stuff on the Netflix instant play through the Wii and me experimenting with a new potato salad recipe and attempting to grill. We capped it off by taking advantage of the Memorial Day sales to snag a nice Whirlpool 25 cubic ft refrigerator for a slick $890 at Lowes with free delivery (its energy star rated too). I've been wanting a new fridge real bad b/c while the current one keeps ice frozen, it does NOT freeze ice cream hard. Its like gooshy and half melted and it ticks me off. But it was free and got us through our first year and a half in the house so I'm grateful for it. But not so grateful that I'm not gonna dump that thing like a bad habit. We also got one of those water line installation kits so I'm gonna put that in probably tonight so that its all ready when they come to deliver it on Thurs. I also snagged a jigsaw b/c I need to shave a half inch off the bottom lip of the cabinet over the fridge so the new fridge will fit in the space. So we'll be doing that tonight or tomorrow as well.

Long week, lots of ups and downs. But hey we survived. And I'm even starting to catch up on my blogging a little bit.

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