Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Good News

Hey! Don't look so shocked. It happens.

Okay it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should, my reporting it I mean. Good happens a lot. I just tend to use you to whine. When its all good I tend to go enjoy it and forget to take the time to blog about it.

I'll try to be better. Don't give me that look....

So today I FIXED THE FRIDGE. I mean the fridge's water line. Whatever. Two days ago I went and purchased a whole bag of goodies from Lowe's, and by bag of goodies I mean batteries, light bulbs and a new self piercing saddle valve. And tonight we put all those goodies to good use.

We finally have all light bulbs in the bathroom vanity lights glowing. The smoke detector no longer feels the need to chirp its dying chirp. And I tapped the cold water line, transferred the water line from the fridge from the hot valve to the new cold valve. And VOILA! The water pressure problems in the fridge are FIXED! It works perfectly and I could not be more thrilled!!

We also got like 4 loads of laundry done yesterday and Adam cleaned the living room and I cleaned the kitchen so the house isn't quite the national disaster area it once was! OH! And the baby was MUCH less of a pissant today than yesterday so we'll keep him after all. :)

Now I'm gonna watch one more episode of Buffy on Netflix and go to bed. Its been a Good Day. :)

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