Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need to whine

The last 48 plus hours have SUCKED giant hairy elephant balls. I do not know what cosmic bowl of cheerios I peed in to deserve any of this but I AM SORRY.

SO Sunday I think it was I keep myself up all night b/c my sleep schedule is so massively screwed up that it doesn't take much just to stay up the whole night. I get to bed early on Monday and life is looking pretty good. Tuesday morning I'm up with Caleb and I actually feel good instead of wishing I was dead b/c I'm so tired and I'm thrilled my new sleep schedule is working out so well.

Tues afternoon I get a migraine. Not a horrible one. My pain meds worked fairly well but I still feel like I got hit by a truck. So the hubby gets home and I crash out for a nap b/c I feel like mud. Well then Tues night, I can't sleep. Like at all. Partially thanks to the nap and partially thanks to the meds (they've had this side effect before).

I FINALLY get to sleep at about 6 am on Weds morning. Caleb then wakes up several hours early at 6:10 am. He's hysterical and has completely soaked his diaper and jammies. I get him changed, get him a bottle. He's still hysterical so I force feed him some of those happy pills (aka teething tablets) which instead of downing happily like he usually does he tries to spit out and scream at me.

Bottle gone I try to put him back to bed b/c I am the walking dead and he's not having any of that so we feed the kid breakfast and try to keep from killing him.

I finally get to lay him down for a nap and get to sleep myself.... for a whole hour and a half..... And then I'm back up w/ the whiner. Then like the only good thing happens and a dear friend of mine comes over for a few hours to watch the kid so I can sleep (I decided that our other friend was inspired when she said she'd pay for the first friend to come watch the kid to give me a break at some point this week. I think she saved both my kids and my life today).

So I get up and life is looking pretty good. I go to the chiropractor and come home and have dinner and a fairly decent evening. Well then I'm too tired to get up from the sofa to take my meds and go to bed so I crash out on the couch for an hour. Then I wake up hungry and go eat and take pills and then I go to head to bed, shut off the light and walk through the dark living room like I do every single night and I discover that my friend who watched Caleb earlier did some straightening....

.... and moved Caleb's chair. Now most kiddy chairs are light weight pieces of crap. But this chair courtesy of Adam's aunt is SOLID. It looks like a high end deck chair. Really cute. Weighs a TON. And I ran straight into it. Hooked my right foot, nailing my right ankle on the front edge, and I fell on it nailing my shin on the back edge and catching myself on the elliptical machine. So now my neck hurts, I tweaked my shoulder, elbow, back, hip, and knee. I skinned my shin and I have a technicolor bruise glowing on my shin and ankle and I can't sleep b/c I'm wide awake and I HURT.

Its 4:30 am and I can't sleep.

I hate the whole world and I have no idea what I did to deserve any of this....

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