Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Post #357e Paragraphs 2-789

So many random ends I want to cover tonight....

1. The purpose of the on ramp on the freeway is so that you can accelerate to freeway speeds (ie be doing AT LEAST the speed limit) before you enter the freeway. Thats right folks, the on ramp is not to just be casually cruised up so you can think about trying to maybe jump into that big scary freeway. You should achieve freeway speeds before you're half way thru the ramp so that you can then look to your left, pick a spot in the traffic for you to merge into and adjust your speed so that you can hit it perfectly.

Is it the most fuel economical thing in the world? Nope. But its a heckuva lot cheaper than an accident. WHICH IS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO CAUSE WHEN YOU'RE STILL DOING 40 WHEN YOU GET TO THE END OF THE ON RAMP. And whats worse is when I'm stuck behind you, while you commit this gross stupidity. Because by NOT achieving freeway speeds before merging into traffic you impede the flow of traffic and are highly likely to cause an accident. 

Did you know that while accidents that involve speeders are more likely to result in a fatality, slow drivers actually cause 70% more accidents?? If you're not prepared to do what is necessary to merge on to a freeway safely - STAY ON THE SURFACE STREETS. 

Thank you. 

2. So Heavenly Father does hear prayers and He did put the perfect person for me to talk to in my path today so I was able to vent and get it all out and have her understand and not freak out and she was completely empathetic which is so what I needed. Did it fix my problem? No. Do I feel a million percent better? Oh yeah. 

Also I did get an answer, of sorts, to my concerns while I was listening to the Relief Society General broadcast (I'll explain in a min) and that was "Forget yourself and get to work". And that was SOOO not the answer I wanted. Will it help? I'm sure it will. Is it what I'm supposed to do? Yes. Should I stop with the pity parties and get over myself and suck it up? Yes. Do I wanna??? NOOOOOOO. Was that what I wanted to hear??? Oh heck no. Was that what I needed to hear? Unfortunately the answer to this is probably yes. *ugh* I just wanted Him to magically fix it! Ya know?? 

And here I am again going "Okay Heavenly Father, your power, and my plan! Lets go!!" And He just laughs at me. And it NEVER works the way I want it to or think its going to. 

I just wanna take one more moment to pout and be petulant and then I'll grow up and go lose myself in service and feel better. 


*is petulant*

*sigh* Okay. Moving on. 

Mormon Moment: The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the worlds oldest and largest women's organization. Created to give service and to uplift and support women the world over its just plain AWESOME. And once a year we have a big broadcast. They get all the big wigs in Salt Lake City and they have a little 1-2 hour series of talks and AMAZING music and they show it around the world by TV, satellite, internet, radio, probably carrier pigeon if they have to. And its awesome. And you listen and are inspired, and frantically scratch out notes of things you want to remember, and walk out of there feeling like a million bucks. I <3 the RS Broadcast. 

3. In other news we finally managed to finish all 3 bracelets and set up the display board for the class they want me to teach on jewelry making at church. I think its going to be a ton of fun and I'm particularly proud of the bracelets. Because we've got quite the age range going - we're going to invite all the women from age 12 up to this activity. So I need something that is going to appeal to quite the spectrum. So I think I have something my Mom would love, one that I am thrilled with, and one that I think the younger set is gonna like. So I think we're covered. 

Also we managed to keep all 3 in budget. Go me. 

4. We fly out in T minus 4 days and counting. :D :D :D Is it weird that I'm more concerned about what jewelry I'm going to wear to this conference than anything else?? lol

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