Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Post #683c

You like me!!! You REALLY like me!!! ZOMG!

So um, way back in the day, we got tired of the depression of scrolling thru my mile long blog posts just to see that I had no comments. I mean its okay that I don't have comments, b/c I'm mostly writing for me, but it was depressing to hunt and find NOTHING, so I thought I set up blogger to send me an email and have it tell me if and when I ever got a comment. And I have happily blogged along my merry way since then. 

Well, I may be slow and, I apparently did it wrong, and tonight I discovered theres this (possibly new or I'm just that inobservant) tab called "Comments" and I clicked on it to discover what it was and lo and behold oh my holy frick - I HAVE COMMENTS!!! I mean not a lot or anything but a heckuva lot more than the ZERO I thought I had. And now I feel something like a big fat jerk for never responding to any of the comments posted (I'm sorry I'm slow okay!!). 

So now we've re-set up blogger to tell me when I get a comment and hopefully I did it right this time and it will actually work. It works on Fleipaper - which is how we found out that it wasn't working on ILSO. 


Caleb had his 15 month check up this last week (if you want details go read Fleipaper) and he is now so far off the chart for height that I'm officially kinda scared to have a girl. Cuz its totally cool by me for a guy to be 6'8 but that can be seriously ROUGH for a girl to be super tall. 

I mean I'm 5'8 which doesn't sound that tall for a girl, but are you aware that the height of the average man in this country is 5'8? Yeah. It means that I put on shoes and I'm taller than half the guys out there. If I put on my favorite pair of 4" heels when I was in college I towered over most of the guys. It was annoying. 

So I'd feel sorry for the dating prospects (b/c its a rare man that can handle his date being taller than himself) for any daughters I'd have if they grow anything like Caleb is doing. I mean I know boys tend to be taller than girls but he's SO tall I'm sort of afeared. It can be rough to be a foot taller than every body else in your middle school/high school. 

On the other hand being the mother of the WNBA first round draft pick wouldn't be too terrible... Although I'm not so into sports so that might just pan out to be painful.... *shrugs*

But so yeah. I'm in this semi-funk post return home. I just can't quite seem to find my groove and its negatively affecting my productivity. At least I'm continuing to lose weight (18 pounds and counting hell yes) and my house is getting closer to being clean...

And I'm once again searching for a new blog theme. I'm in love with the one I just got for Fleipaper but I can't find one that sings to me for ILSO. Ideas? It would really help if I wasn't completely lazy and just made them myself so I could get everything just so. That or if I had the money to pay somebody else to make me happy....  

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