Monday, September 13, 2010


So today we made progress. Instead of flat out missing church like we have the past few weeks, we actually made it to the last hour. The meeting times this year are a KILLER with the baby. We've got the 12:30 - 3:30pm block. Now back before I had a kid that was IDEAL b/c I am all about sleeping in late on a Sunday morning. However, now that Mr. Caleb rules the roost in our house thats exactly the time he goes down for his morning nap usually. So sure I can go to church and miss the whole meeting b/c I'm walking the halls trying to keep my kid from screaming his little head off because he's tired.

I even tried putting him to bed early last night so maybe he'd be up earlier and take his nap earlier. No go. He just SCREAMED for 35 minutes until I gave up and got him and then he stayed up even later than usual. *sigh*

Mormon Moment for those of you who wonder what I mean by "block" and why I can't just go to a different church - basically there are 2 different congregations that meet in our building and the church is very big on people attending the congregation (aka "ward" in mormonese) they're supposed to (its divided up by where you live). So we alternate who gets which time slot. Last year we had the 9a-12p slot and the other guys had the 12:30-3:30 slot. Well now its flipped and come January it will flip again.

Mormon Moment part 2: we go to church for 3 hours (yes really). First hour is called "Sacrament Meeting" and takes place in the chapel and the whole congregation is there and we sing songs and have a couple people give talks and take the sacrament (the mormon version of communion).

Second hour for those over the age of 12 is sunday schools broken up by age groups. In case you're wondering under 12 (but over 3) has "Primary" where they spend part of the time in a big group singing cute songs and having story time and the other part is a mini sunday school. If you're 18 months to 3 years you go to nursery (play with toys, have a snack and a mini lesson/songs).

Third hour for the age 12+ group is kinda like Sunday school but broken up by gender and then age. All the men 12+ get together to sing a hymn, say a prayer and do announcments and then break up by age groups (12-13, 14-15, 16-18, 18-old, older) for a lesson. The young women (12-18) do the same thing. The women 18+ just meet together in one room for the whole bit (song, announcements, lesson etc). I think the difference is b/c they know the women talk too much and if we had to move ourselves we'd never get anything done....

Neways - so we managed to make it for the last hour at least and Caleb was shockingly good for which I was grateful. Then we got home and he turned into a mini vengeance demon (for which I was not). But the hubby and I had some good times (we're reading a series of books together) in spite of the whining. And I grilled some burgers for dinner.

And then we completely blew traditional sabbath day holiness out of the water and actually got some cleaning done. Honestly I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but I feel MUCH more peaceful right now with a clean kitchen and dining room than I did earlier with a dirty one. I got the kitchen cleaned to spotless (which took some doing) and Adam managed to get the floors in there clean. The floors didn't used to be a challenge before we had a toddler who likes to throw food.

I honestly didn't used to know that if you miss a piece of fruit and it dries to the floor it becomes remarkably like cement and will take a NICE long time to get scrub clean. Even if you soak it first.

Now my goal is to clear all the clutter out of the dining room so that I can baby proof it and be rid of the baby gate o doom before my husband managed to actually break his leg tripping over it....

And on another random side note I recently revamped the blog background but it still doesn't like .... sing to me. And so I'm continuing my quest to find the perfect (free) blog template/background. And I've spent an embarassing amount of time doing it to be perfectly honest. Here are the two I'm currently debating between. Lemme know what you think!

Option A:
Option B:

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