Saturday, February 13, 2010


We have achieved BUSINESS CARD!!!!

OH my GOSH! I am not sure I can express how happy it makes me to finally have one that MAKES ME HAPPY. I've had these stupid business cards on my to do list for MONTHS now and I've picked at it and picked at it and picked at it and couldn't put one together that made me happy. And I've come close and killed more hours than I care to think about trying to get something put together but just haven't managed it yet. I'm an artist. What my card looks like MATTERS.

And I did it! I FINALLY did it. And I LOVE it. I don't even care if every other person on the planet hates it because I LOVE it and I think its PERFECT.

And its just such a massive relief to FINALLY have that done. I feel so, so much better about life!

In other news today we got tests results back: I'm anemic. Not diabetic. Iron deficient anemia to be exact. However, while my blood sugar stuff came back in the normal range its all at the TOP of the normal range so basically I need to repent and do better or I will wind up diabetic. Which would suck. So I vote we're going to have to start exercising regularly some way some how or we'll be very sorry. I've got to find something that works. Or they'll take away my chocolate. And I'm not sure we can continue with life if they take the chocolate so we have to do something. Soon.

Good news is, a couple weeks of iron tablets and I should be feeling better on the anemia front which might give me enough mojo to work out.

Also I realize its completely superficial and worldly etc, but its goofy how incredibly happy I am about this piece of furniture. Basically I want this big gorgeous entertainment set up from IKEA but of course I can't afford to buy it outright. But I really needed one of the side cabinets (basically big book case with doors that are glass on the top half, wood on the bottom) so that I can put all the dvds and stuff inside of it and close the doors and keep it safe from the wee one. Well the mother in law told me to pick what we wanted for christmas - the cabinet or shutters for the front of the house and we went with cabinet and its taken a bit to get the thing b/c of this that and the other but we finally got it and I got it all put together and set up and everything and it is SO PRETTY. I mean WOW.

And its just really, really nice to have one piece of furniture in my house that is exactly what I want. Not kinda sorta, not would be okay/good if I refinished it, not okay for now, hand-me-down etc. Its not that I'm not extremely grateful for the things I do have and for all the very generous family members who have given me good quality hand-me-downs. Its just really nice to have something that is EXACTLY what I want. And its classic and beautiful and I'll love it forever. *blissful sigh*

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