Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today was MUCH better

For starters, at no point did I get pooped on. That right there is a win.

Also we found out that the thing I freaked about that we didn't know if it had gotten done/approved etc, has in fact been cleared so we are golden until September (at which point we're even better). So that is a massive load off, so now we just need to decide what exactly it is we want to do with the tax refund money. I mean we absolutely have to spend part of it to put new tires on the car, (Fun and exciting I know) but that leaves a fair bit to play with. So... what do we do? A significant portion says we should be mature responsible individuals and pay off debt (credit cards, student loans, medical bills, car payments - we've got LOTS of options in this category), theres also slightly more fun options like - I'd love to have a sofa that doesn't have holes in the cushions (on BOTH sides so I can't even flip them over), I'd love to get the shower fixed in the master bath (long story). And actually those are the two big non-debt things I would take care of. How boring am I?

Game Show Host: "You've just been given a chunk of cash, what are you gonna do?!!"
Me: "Well Bob, I'm gonna replace a shower mixing valve, get a new sofa from Ikea, and put the rest in savings! Oh, and put 2 new tires on the car."
Game Show Host: "Well.... isn't that nice...."

Yeah I'm a dork but oh well. Today is ALSO much better because I'm making some awesome headway on the website. The main template is done and I've got the main page for the site 80% done and I finally feel like I really know what I'm doing with this CSS business and that my friends is a good feeling.

So now I'm going to go to bed and hope my husband doesn't decide to sleep walk again tonight. He's been really bad about it lately. Last night he got up, walked over to my side of the bed and starts bumping into my hip (which is at the very edge of the bed) and patting my arm. And I'm like "gzfkfus! Wha? What? What's wrong?!" He goes "Hi" and bends over, kisses my cheek and hugs me.

Me: "Why did you wake me up?"
Adam: "Hi" (pats me again)
Me: "Oh my heck, you're still asleep. GO BACK TO BED. NOW. Go lay down!"
Adam: starts to go after the cat.
Me: "Adam!"
Adam: jumps and seems to really see me for the first time "What?"
Adam: "Huh? Okay." Shuffles over to bed, gets in, lays down and immediately resumes deep sleep.
Me: Lays awake for another 20 mins b/c I'm so weirded out.

So we're hoping for sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

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