Saturday, February 6, 2010

You probably don't want to know

But I'm going to tell you anyways because I over share and its bothering me and I need to talk to somebody and everybody I know who wouldn't be squicked is asleep.

So a week ago, completely out of the blue I got a yeast infection. I like NEVER get yeast infections. I had them a fair bit as a little girl but that was because I got ear infections all the time and the antibiotics would give me yeast infections.

And in like the last 10 years I've had maybe 2 yeast infections, always after a major course of antibiotics.

But last week I got one. Out of the blue. Itchy, red, the white stuff, the whole bit. And I'm like what the heck?? But so I go to the drug store, buy myself some monostat or whatever its called and voila, by the next day we're feeling MUCH better about life.

So today, I start itching again, by tonight its bad. I look, its back. WHAT THE HECK??? There is something really wrong with my body. I don't know what it is but I've been feeling kind of off for the last little bit and I've started having more migraines and I've been seriously hormonal and I just figured it was my stress level getting to me and I figured the cheap CoQ10 I got instead of the good stuff I usually get wasn't working as well for my migraines but now I'm starting to wonder.

According to the interwebs (because we know they are the source of all light and wisdom) the most common causes of repeated yeast infections are: Pregnancy (which I most definitely am not, and I didn't have them when I was pregnant with Caleb either way), HIV (which I most certainly DO NOT have), and diabetes.

The first time I read the diabetes I went, "Well thats not it". And now after re-reading the symptom list... I'm not so sure. It runs in the family and I'm fat so thats two strikes. But all my blood work when I was pregnant came back great so .... but symptoms include increased appetite and I've been eating a lot lately, and having serious munchie cravings and I thought I was just having issues with stress but what if thats not it?

Also it says increased thirst, dry mouth and urination. Well I pee all the time anyways, and I drink more water than any two people I know, standard, and I live in Phoenix so my dry mouth should be totally normal. But the thing is that I've been really thirsty lately, and I've had to pee all the time (I figured b/c I've been drinking more). And sitting here right now even though I've had several large glasses of water today (read like at least a half dozen BIG 32 oz glasses of water, plus milk) my mouth is like cotton mouth dry.

This is probably because I live in Phoenix, but what if its not. Other symptoms are tingling arms/feet/legs. Well my arms are fine unless I sleep on them funny, but I have been having some uncomfortable tingling/twinging/discomfort in my legs lately. Especially at night. I was wondering if I was developing that "restless leg syndrome" thing.

Unexplained weight loss is a common symptom and while I DEFINITELY haven't had that lovely experience, recent weight gain is another common one and I've recently gained back ALL the weight I lost when I was pregnant so theres another flag.

I've got the fatigue bit, not as bad as when I was pregnant, but I figure thats because I'm a mother and I have sleep issues.

Oh and another symptom is headaches and I've been having more of those lately. Could be cheap CoQ10, could be diabetes.

So theres a lot of possible coincidences here but if I'm really honest and don't just go "well yes, BUT..." I check off 11 of the 17 listed possible symptoms on WebMD.

Frick. I really, really, really don't want diabetes. That would seriously suck and completely diss my lifestyle.

And I can tell you right now that even if I shape up and be a good girl and lose weight etc, if that doesn't fix it and I wind up with full blown diabetes, I am SOOOOO not eating that sugar free crap. I'd rather just stab myself a few extra times and have a bite or two of REAL chocolate cake than live a life with "sugar free chocolate".

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  1. Hey Ami,

    So....I would encourage you to look into a diabetic diet. If you are diabetic or prediabetic, it will immediatelly make you feel better. The biggest thing is to make sure you have enough protein for how many simple sugars you eat. I do this, only because it makes me feel better and gives me a ton more energy from the food I eat. I am almost completely off caffiene now.... (which you KNOW is a big deal for me). So....sometime to try!!

    love ya,