Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

So today was my birthday, and I have to say it was a really, really wonderful birthday. Just wonderful. Last night at like 10:30 pm my hubby (who had gone shopping earlier in the evening) came in the room and said "We're in Florida." I was more than slightly confused and responded with "What??" Adam returned, "We're in Florida, therefore its after midnight so its your birthday! Happy Birthday! You can open some of your presents now!" lol

You must know that my husband is the biggest goof about giving presents. He's like a little kid that knows a secret and the second he gets the present he wants to give it to me. He's kinda like that kid with ants in his pants all christmas season cuz the presents under the tree are taunting him and he wants to open them so bad he can hardly stand it.... only opposite. He wants ME to open my present so bad he can hardly stand it. He's totally cool to wait almost forever for his own presents but by golly he wants me to open things ASAP. Its really funny. We've had to have chats about how I like to have a surprise to anticipate and something to open on the day of whatever event we're celebrating. I guess its just how I was raised.

So basically his compromise was to make my presents a two parter so that he could give part to me Weds nite and the rest on Thurs, my actual birthday. lol. So basically my presents Thursday evening, were a gift certificate for a one pound box of See's Candies (LOVE it), a very cute, funny, thoughtful card and a handheld massaging shower head for the shower. :D I've wanted one very desperately since he and I really enjoyed the one at my folks house. Needless to say I was absolutely delighted with my presents.

The kiddo even went to bed at 10 pm and slept until 830 am Weds nite/Thurs morning. AND Caleb took a 3 hour nap on Thursday so I was all sorts of thrilled. Then my friend Breonna bought me lunch from one of my favorite places. After that my friend Jayne dropped by with the most gorgeous pale pink miniature rose bush.

And then my friend Lynn and Kathleen dropped by with a very sweet card, a gorgeous necklace and an even sweeter, ultra decadent, absolutely beautiful, amazingly tasty chocolate cake. And I am a serious cake snob. Okay well pretty much baked goods in general. I generally won't even bother buying them from the store b/c to be honest - they're just not worth eating b/c mine are better. Yes this is one of the areas where the claims that I'm an arrogant beotch are true but I come from a long line of amazing cooks and if its not worth eating .... why eat it?

But so this cake, oh my gosh good. I mean WOW. It was ultra light, ultra dark layers of chocolate cake with frosting that was more like a very light, rich chocolate mousse. It was amazing. And it had strawberries and blueberries and raspberries on the top and lots of chocolate curls and like sheets of dark chocolate - that had white chocolate hearts drawn in it, wrapped clear around it and the most perfect red ribbon and bow. It was just a beautiful piece of edible art that tasted even better than it looked.

It's a little local bakery - Honey Moon Sweets Bakery in Tempe, AZ. Google it and check it out. You can send me a thank you note after you have experienced it.

So after amazing chocolate cake, my hubby came home and he cleaned up the living room and I finished putting the doors on the new book case, which looks even better than I could have ever hoped and I am so in love with this piece of furniture (I'll blab more about this later) and then the hubby got me chinese food take out and we watched Bones and I got lots of wonderful phone calls from all manner of family members all through out the day and I got a book I wanted (Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett) in the mail as a gift from my folks, and I'm told I have another package on the way from them. And my sweet hubby gave me my second part of my birthday presents- Season 3 of Bones (which is my current addiction) so I'm way excited to watch that.

And I got a record breaking number of birthday wishes on Facebook from lots and lots of friends and loved ones.

And all in all it was an amazing day. I'm so happy and so blessed.

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