Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Once again I should be sleeping

But I'm not. Cuz I'm stupid that way. So you get treated (please, try not to hide your excitement like that) again to my random blathering.

So I have kind of an odd confession. I secretly stalk the Mommy Wants Vodka blog. I am a HUGE fan of Aunt Becky. And part of me wants to write her b/c we so need to be friends. And yet, because I have the emotional maturity of a middle schooler I have not initiated any direct contact out of fear that .... she won't like me. LOL

Thats right folks. I am afraid of being rejected by some one I've never met. Because if we became internet friends she would probably read my blog and well.... what if she doesn't like it? I mean its not like anybody really reads it now ( I think maybe one person actually reads this drivel) but what if she reads it and goes "Lame!" I would be, in a sad little internet way, crushed.

LOL. I am officially a chicken. Go figure.

Random thought? I love the "Ripley's Believe it or Not" comic strip. Its my daily dose of random crap and almost every day I wind up going to Wikipedia to look up some random factoid. Because really until I learned in detail about weird jellyfish and a woman who swallowed 70-some-odd pieces of cutlery my life was just not complete. And someday when I can actually afford it I'm going to donate a chunk of change to Wikipedia for feeding my obsessive thirst for knowledge and random information.

My excitement today was managing to get the front page of my website done. At least I think its done. We're gonna show it to the boss and get some feedback before we continue. Cuz if they don't like my style we'd like to adjust it before we replicate it 1000 times.

And I have to say, watching the hub do the book keeping makes me like goofy little kid happy. For the last 3 years balancing our books has been my personal purgatory and now?? Now HE'S doing it!! AND I have to admit I am VERY proud to admit that the Hub has not yet had an anxiety attack! This would be why we took over keeping the books.

When we first got married somebody did not have what I feel to be realistic expectations of what an account balance can/should look like. He's amazing at managing a portfolio but had some issues with a checking acct. Go figure. I guess when you're broke (like ME) you get REALLLLLLL good at countin' those pennies.

And coming from broke taught me just how sacred a nest egg is and that thou shalt protect thine nest egg, and Thou Shalt Not SPEND thine nest egg (the interest is totally kosher tho). So when we realized that somebody was a big fan of scrambled eggs so to speak we kinda flipped. But somebody had a death grip on that carton and if the pan ever looked less than half full he needed to bust open another dozen eggs. And I was freakin. So we simply took the pan away and I was then able pry his hands, one finger at a time off the egg carton and then safely stashed the carton for later.

So now after 3 years of budgets and balance sheets and money discussions, we are now allowing him to have the pan back. Well, "allowing" might be the wrong word. More like Momma is trying to juggle a 3 ring circus and eggs keep gettin burned on the bottom of the pan and so she needs Daddy to man up with the spatula and keep those baby's cookin'. (Let's see just how much I can milk this metaphor for eh?)

So long and the short of it - this gets to be HIS job. At least primarily. We'll see how it goes. Right now it can't go much worse than its been going. And thankfully we seem to have redirected his paranoia from keeping the pan full of eggs to hoarding the carton like a hobbit on the One Ring.

So I bought some of those foam rubber padded corner things you can stick on the corner of your coffee table, effectively ruining the finish, but hopefully avoiding a trip to the hospital to get stitches in the kids' head. One of them isn't on there square. I mean its good enough to do the job but its CROOKED and its making me crazy! And I'm sure that if I take it off and put it back on I'm gonna ruin the sticky and make this corner effectively worthless but I want to fix it so bad its not funny.

I'm one of those freaks that can't handle it if a picture is crooked on the wall. (Note: I've never officially been diagnosed OCD but I think that was just b/c they were too busy focusing on the "I think I wanna off myself" thing when I was a teenager) I literally have a level, mostly to prove to myself that sometime really is straight. Because I can't question the level (if you can poke a hole in this argument, please, don't or I'll never be able to peacefully sit in a room again), so when I invariably start being paranoid that a picture isn't really straight anymore I just bust out the level and check. And if its level then we're just being paranoid and need to get over it. Or we fix it and then we can be satisfied. And not feel the need to adjust the frame on the wall 50 times in one hour because we've almost got it straight this time.

Freak? yes, yes I am.

Random odd confession - when driving down the road, I tighten up my butt muscles (like so they're not "on" the seat anymore) in time with the yellow lines in the road. *tight* *release* *tight* *release* *tight* *release* Do that for 50 miles of high way and you'd be amazed the work out you get. I started it as a kid, I think I was pretending they were speed bumps and I needed to get up and over them. Now its more habit and I don't even really think about it.

So interwebs- What weird quirky thing do you do?

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