Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Funnies

In honor of my improved mood here's a bunch more comics but to spare us both I'm only going to include links and you can go look for yourself. I promise they're all worth the click!  - This one got me b/c I have SO had that dream where I'm trying to drive from the back seat. That plus I like to screw with peoples heads so I'll have to remember this one....  - This one reminded me a bit of my Dad. lol  - A shining example of why I think you should have to pass some sort of exam to be allowed to take the kid home with you from the hospital.  - *snigger* - So wrong its funny...  - Um.... so.... what does it say that I've done this..... with every guy I've liked since my freshman biology class in high school??? Mostly with the odds I'd get blue eyed children just to be clear... if that makes a difference.... - Damn! They're on to me!! - Took me a sec but I lol'ed - And this.... this I'm still sniggering over. - LOL .... oh dear....

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