Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blah blah blah

You know I'm feeling angst ridden when you get multiple blog entries in close succession.

We did the communication thing. It went better than it usually does. Thats hopeful. Now we need to see if any actual change comes out of it.

I'm feelin less driven to desire forms of self medication but still not exactly brimming with joy and hope. One step at a time.

It was a crappy day. Not being able to vent combined with dealing with a VERY energetic child made for a seriously high stress day. I actually had to take a nap at one point b/c the alternative was violence. I just needed to calm down. I was that worked up.

Did some shopping and got 4 of the 6 stores hit. Then came home and had the talk.

I want to work more on rings but I need the findings and stones to get here before I can finish. So annoying.

Think I might go to bed early tonight.... That or cry some more...

Just so you don't freak - no its nothing of eternal consequence its just ... stuff.

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