Monday, August 16, 2010

I should so be sleeping right now. And I'm not b/c I'm packing, or more correctly, I'm procrastinating my packing.

See.... I'm really, really fricking tired of packing. And I don't wanna deal with it in that nearly violent way. And yet I HAVE TO pack. And I don't DARE go to sleep with out it 99.9% done b/c I know me and my extremely unfortunate tendency to hit the snooze button.... repeatedly. And I CANNOT miss my flight.

But I'm tired. Its been a long fricking day. I had to do laundry in that oven we call a laundry room. 5 loads of it no less. AND I have to go unbury the fricking kitchen so that I have clean sippy cups to take with us to Houston. And for some reason all I want to do is SCREAM. And then go to sleep.

I think 3 days in a row of crap for sleep are catching up with me. So... you get to listen to me whine about it. Don't blame me you're the one reading my blog. (I'm operating under the delusion that ANYBODY reads this drivel).

On the other hand I did find another kinda cool article. And I have to admit the comment about the "Young Women of Excellence" award made me laugh out loud, cuz I SO know what she means.

And I'm really starting to get annoyed with 9 Chickweed Lane. Mostly b/c its author seems to have given up the daily laugh variety of comic for the comic novella experience. And this doesn't so much annoy me that he's gone novella b/c he actually does it extremely well. But mostly I'm insanely frustrated to get my story one line at a time. Its insanely annoying. If you're going for the graphic novel, and you REALLY like to go for the tense, cliffhangers, its NOT NICE to do that every day for weeks on end.

And just to add to my INTENSE stress Adam and I have FINALLY started to get it together with the whole budget thing and am discovering how painfully far out of bounds we've been living. And it kinda makes me wanna puke and die everytime I think of it... which would be every other thought.

And I'm going to miss my husband. I hate taking trips with out him and not just b/c baby wrangling solo is a special kind of hell. I need to be with him. It just... centers me.

And so I don't wanna pack b/c I don't wanna leave him. I desperately want to see my family and spend time with them but the cost is leaving my heart behind and I desperately miss it.

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