Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Day!

Today was a good day! Yes it got a little bit hair pulling stressful with the kiddo at one or two points but the end of it was really, really good.

I spent an hour on the phone confounding Apple tech support. But 4 support people later I finally had my answer to a problem I'd been having for several months.

And then Adam came home and we did the chiropractor thing and then came home and I made a quickie dinner and then thanks to some awesome team work we managed to get a load of laundry done and mostly put away, installed the new latch on the outside of the bathroom door to keep the kiddo out, got the kitchen clean, swept the kitchen floor, picked up the living room and set up to help us keep track of our finances. We got the kiddo to bed at a reasonable hour.

I made our second dinner (you eat every 4 hours on the Skinny Chicks plan) and we got to sit and visit for a while which was really nice. Read scriptures, said prayers, then Adam went to bed and I rewatched the video segment on the ring I learned to make tonight and then attempted to make said ring.

It didn't go nearly as well as last nights project and I think that was 98% my fault. I wanted to do my first attempt at the ring using copper practice wire rather than risk the sterling silver on a learning curve. Well, the problem is that tonights project called for half hard wire and I only have copper in dead soft. But I figured I could just fudge it and it wouldn't make that big a difference... right??

Wow... I do hereby respect my teachers wire temper recommendations. I've used dead soft before with no problems. Tonight.... it was a royal pain in the behookey butt. That wire bends and mars if you breath on it funny. This pattern really depends on the wire having some body and direction all on its own. So having wire that resembles playdough was not helpful. Took me over an hour to do one ring with no shank wrap.

I also discovered that I need to return my sliding pin vise b/c its defective. I couldn't figure out what the deal was and why I was having such a problem getting my pin vise to work and then I looked at the end of it. Its supposed to be split like a + on the end and mine is... not. It looks like mine was sliced by the drunk machinist. Mine is more like _|- and I'm probably being a bit generous there.... So yeah THATS going back to the supplier for a new one.

But either way I still had fun trying something new. I learned a lot and got to play with my sparkly objects which makes me VERY, very happy.

Oh and just to make life a little bit better I got a TON of feed back on last nights ring and it was all glowingly positive which makes me amazingly happy.

This week might have started out crappy, but right now - Life is Good. *knock on wood*

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