Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Friday

So today was a good day. In spite of the fact I made a really ugly ring this evening... lol

I had serious brain fog this morning due to the fact that Mr. Caleb decided to get up last night and then didn't have the courtesy to sleep in the next morning. I finally got my brain back late afternoon but the damage to my working productivity was done.

But at least my kitchen is clean AND I made dinner (ooohhh ahhhh). And I made a third Wire wrapped solitaire ring (looks gorgeous!) in record time and was able to drop that off at Kathleen's house so she can take it with to England. I did a full shank wrap on this one. I only did a half shank wrap on mine. I like the look of the half wrap better but there are other people who prefer the look of the full wrap.

So .... in the video she says you can use a stone as small as 8x10mm in the pharaohs ring. I probably would have done well to note that NONE of the demo rings she had were little ones.... Why? B/c sure, you can make it.... but its UGLY. Or at least I think its ugly. I'll hold on to it and maybe somebody else will like it but ... I just DON'T.

I really wish I had a good lapidary shop in town where I could go buy cabochons. Go and like browse the selection and hand pick what I want. The whole internet buying as made me slightly nervous after the whole "big fricking hole in the front of my stone" fiasco. I trust Rio Grande not to screw me over, but they're VERY into the wholesale thing and I don't always need a dozen of everything ya know?

So my dork self had an interesting experience that I think only goes to highlight the fact that in spite of the fact I have made massive leaps and bounds of progress in my social/emotional health and functioning I still have a little bit of a um... paranoid dork side.... That or I just hope that everybody else has an inner insecure 16 year old girl who is constantly afraid that she's completely blown it some how.

So I have this cool group of friends from my Evony days. They're my guys (and gals) and I love them great big bunches. A couple in particular seem to actually genuinely LIKE to listen to me rant (who woulda thunk?). And so post Evony we have a Skype chat room where we all get together and talk (okay I may in fact do more than my fair share of the talking but if you're reading this blog you've probably caught on to that by now...).

But so my dork self, high off of the multiple reassurances that they do in fact really like me and are glad to have me join their chat, and claim to enjoy my rants (one guy actually claims to find them relaxing?!) AND the fantastic fact that my girl crush on Aunt Becky has progressed so far as AIM friends (SHE FOLLOWS MY TWITTER!! Oh lord I am such a pathetic fan girl.... *headdesk* Don't mind me - I SWEAR I have met ACTUAL celebrities and not been this big a dork).

So basically point of this monologue is that all of the sudden earlier this week everybody on Skype... vanished. All of the sudden I was the ONLY little green online checkmark. And I'd say 'Hi' and come back hours later and there would only be my sad lonely little "hi" sitting there all alone.

At first I figured they were busy or something, but then it was like DAYS. Like 3 of them. And I was really starting to wonder. Did all their computers break? Is the internet broken for large swathes of the planet (sadly I did check the news just in case... even more sadly, I just admitted it). I even went so far as the REALLY crazy thought of - one of the guys is taking off for a few days to go to a funeral, and his departure roughly coincided with the start of the radio silence, so I even sat there and puzzled if maybe he was secretly some really talented psychopath with multiple personality disorder and I'd somehow managed to be duped that this one person was really a half dozen different people (its the internet, anythings possible right??).

Yes, my pathetic attempts to cover the truth know no bounds to their creativity. We finally decided that there was no way somebody THAT crazy would ever be capable of being that consistent and generating such plausible back grounds etc. SO... we were left with one poopy crappy option.

It was me. I'd finally made them all throw up their hands and scream 'dear lord does she EVER shut up???" and they'd all left in disgust... And so I apologized on Skype and said good bye. And didn't say another word. But like the pathetic dork that I am I'd log in every few hours to see if anybody had shown up, seen my pathetic-ness and taken pity and reassured me that I'm really not that annoying... and a day and a half later.... nobody had said a word.

I was ready to cry. So one last ditch effort later I logged into Evony and sent two letters to two of my favorite people asking if I'd offended them or they were just sick of me and saying sorry if it was either of the above.

And then like the sweet wonderful people they are, they either gave in to my pathetic whipped puppy-ness or saw my letters and really were just busy, but either way they both replied and told me I wasn't horrible and various forms of crazy life had happened and they didn't hate me and I hadn't offended anybody.

And the sun came out through the clouds... lol

I am so pathetic. But it makes me happy.

I have a bad, bad track record with internet friends, particularly of the male variety. Its part of why I was so nervous initially to get involved with my, now, husband. We hadn't actually met in real life. BUT he had dated my best friend for YEARS and I loved how he treated and talked about her. So I knew he was for real at least. I knew he wasn't some 60 year old guy in his underwear or a 13 year old kid messing with my head. But 1000 miles apart and the chemistry was amazing and so I dared to hope it was real... And then most amazing thing happened there - we met in real life.... and it was even better than online.....

And that would be why we're married. :)

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  1. I love it when I feel like everyone's ignoring me at the same time. Feels awesome. The end of summer is ALWAYS slow online.