Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Stuff (as per the usual)

I've decided that plastic storage organizer makers must have an allergy to squares. You can find rounds and rectangles and heck even octagons. But no squares. Made myself crazy for a solid hour trying to find one online before I had a massive "DUH!" moment and went and raided my tupperware stash and Voil à! We have square container! 

Basically, I have this serious awesome sauce tool bag from Kathleen that she found on ebay for cheap. Looks just like one of those 8" square tall electricians tool bags only in cute colors (pink and brown). And while I LOVE IT, I have some seriously heavy tools in there and the bottom of this bag is a little square pull out drawer, which is AWESOME from the organization stand point, BUT they made the thing soft sided... 

Soft-sided drawer vs friggin' heavy stainless steel tools....

Yeeeahhhhh thats what I said too. SO, we need something a little more macho and definitely hard sided in the bottom of the bag. We have now found TWO suitable containers in our tupperware stash. After being a total dork and calculating the volume of both, I've discovered theres like less than 1 cubic inch difference in their volumes. So basically they can both hold the same amount of crap (which is impressive b/c my money was so on the one container being bigger) but the debate is... which one do I want to use?? 

One container is a square and slightly taller than the other and comes from my old college tupperware set. Fairly ideal. The other container I do actually like a bit better, its brand new, a little bit narrower and shorter but its longer. The long one is easier to get in the hole in the bottom of the bag b/c its shorter, and the length might prove useful. But really the length isn't THAT big a diff (like an inch) and somehow I feel like its more responsible to use the old one and save the new one for food...

Yes I really am blogging about a decision over tupperware. Shut up. Its my blog and its helping me think. You want deep or humorous go read some other blog. This is me polluting the internet in my own personal fashion. 

In other fronts, life continues to be pretty good. Except for the fact thats its 4 am and I'm not asleep yet. It was 3, I was about to go to bed when Adam slept walked his way into the bathroom to pee and banged the door thereby waking the small child who then screamed until I gave up and got him. Clean butt and a bottle later he's back to sleep, but now we've crossed my 4 hour mark so I need to eat again. And so here we are. 

I'm in another conundrum. We bought an 18x13 malachite cabochon. We were supposed to get two but apparently wires got crossed at some point and only one was ordered. So it gets here and we have problem #1. The stone cut, polish and color is gorgeous but theres a big friggin hole in the middle of the front of it. It's UGLY!

So I figured fine, no problems, I'll just use that one for my copper practice ring. Well copper practice ring was made, except due to the fact that I attempted to use dead soft copper wire instead of half hard b/c thats what I had, the ring is kinda funky and basically its best to just chop the stone out and cut my losses. 

So... do I put the funky stone in sterling silver?? And we did order a two pack of 10x8 malachite cabochons, b/c that was the smallest size that she said you can fit in the pharaoh's ring. Except, I'm staring at them and they just look SO tiny I'm not sure that they'll look good with such a large setting. I dunno. I think I'll try it with one of them and see. I just hate to waste the silver. But then again Kathleen was going off today about how much fun she has melting silver down and how if you screw up you just melt it again and start over so maybe there's something to be said there... I think thats what I'll do. I'll try it. 

But not tonight. I really need to get to bed. 

And one last thought - I know I'm leaving town soon, but it doesn't feel like it. I dunno. Somehow isn't real yet. Which I suppose is kind of a good thing. Or maybe bad. I dunno. I need to make packing lists and getting ready. 

I'm kinda worried about Adam while I'm gone. He's been on the depressive side lately and I just feel bad leaving him all alone for so long. Especially right now. I really wish he could come with. I'm gonna miss him like crazy...

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