Monday, August 9, 2010

Children are Cats

Ya know whenever I would see or hear of a character or person in a movie/tv etc who was usually a single female who desired to adopt a child or give birth or whatever, so that "she has some one who is excited to see her when she gets home", previous to now I always said that she should get over that notion and go get a dog.

After having children of my own, I've decided that this was erroneous and unfair. I mean who am I to judge dogs so harshly. The women in question should go and get a cat.

After all dogs are social pack animals. A well trained and socialized dog comes when called, is obedient to your commands and adores you without question at all times.

Children are cats.

They completely ignore you unless it suits their purpose.

It will ONLY suit their purpose to DEMAND your attention whenever it is the least convenient time possible. If they don't demand you completely abandon your current task in favor of one of their choosing then they will insist on HELPING you but only in a way that makes it completely impossible to continue with your task.

And ignoring them when they have decided it is THAT TIME can only be done at your own peril lest something you care for deeply gets completely trashed. The more expensive and impossible to replace, the better.

Any actual directions or commands will be treated as request that can be ignored unless it happens to suit their purpose (ie they were going to do that anyways) unless you actually physically intervene and cause the order to be obeyed. At which point they will protest, scream, pout, whine and otherwise express their frustration for extended periods of time afterwards. And then probably destroy something else expensive.

Litter boxes are a decent analogy to diaper changes.... really the more I think on it the better this works.

So yes, any person who desires a child so that they can have someone "happy" to see them when they get home should simply get a cat.

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