Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random List of Fascinating Articles

So we're gonna have the "Link-Mania" experience b/c I've found a whole list of fascinating articles.

Interesting article about Sperm Donation from the Kid's perspective. This hereby adds weight to my thought that this is probably not the best idea (the anonymous variety - the 'infertile couple' version is usually less bad - unless of course you wait to tell the kid they're a donor baby until you and ur husband are going through a nasty divorce and THEN you can inflict some serious trauma on your child...)

Cool site set up about LDS women. I like it. Its my perspective on the thing. So I'm a Mormon female. That does NOT in anyway inhibit my rights or abilities. I'd deck the dude that tried.

And this one is FASCINATING. Mormon dude who owns a major PR firm did a survey on what people across the nation think of Mormons..... Yeah.... we've got some SERIOUS work to do. However, I do LOVE this dudes sense of humor. His response to "do mormons practice polygamy?" is my new favorite quote: "If I wanted to be excommunicated from the church I'd practice polygamy. The other sins take longer."

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