Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life is Good *knocks on wood*

So, I'm almost afraid to post this and say this with out knocking on wood like REPEATEDLY b/c I'm just paranoid that way. My living room is cleanable. It gets cluttered but it can be cleaned fairly quickly and easily and with out much fuss. My dining room is progressing towards clean and I have high hopes of it actually being clean sooner rather than later. I feel like the tide has been turned in the war with my house and that while it will take a while I can actually win this war.

I'm losing weight. I've lost over 12 pounds so far and I feel great and I don't feel at all deprived. Me. This is ME saying this. HOLY FRICKITY CRAP.

I am SOOO excited for this next week. A few weeks ago we bought a training DVD set on wire wrapped rings which I simply devoured and I am now so excited and anxious to actually try my hand at this awesomeness. Well TONIGHT Kathleen actually ordered the stuff so that I CAN try it. :D :D :D

AND as if that weren't enough there's an Art conference here in town this week and I'm registered to take TWO classes which I am seriously excited about. One is on metal stamping and wire wrapping and the other is on resin clay beads which look like a fun thing to learn.

AND plans with the shop are progressing VERY nicely. I've got our floor plan drawn up. The business plan is being drawn up and Kathleen is going to be home this week and I am SO excited to see her and get to babble at her and with her and make progress on all sorts of stuff. I am like ready to start bouncing up and down and just be tickled pink about it all.

AND I was feeling slightly worried b/c basically some of the things I'm doing are worth a lot more than I am being paid for them, especially if they are as successful as I think they're going to be. And while I don't want to be greedy... its kinda my brain child and I would love to take part in its success but if it were just me it would never go anywhere b/c I lack resources to make it do so, but how do you say that exactly. And I was just mostly going w/ "this person is the person I know them to be they're not going to short change me". And today the person brought it up and we talked about it and they said exactly what I'd been thinking and its even better than I was kinda hoping it might work out to be so that makes me very happy and I feel MUCH better and am back to feeling 100% better about things.

And so now I'm excited and happy and I wanna run with this thing and bounce and jump up and down and GO FOR IT. And we're getting there. Slowly. But now I lack patience, especially since what I really wanna do is get a megaphone and tell EVERYBODY what we're up to b/c I'm so excited but we REALLY don't wanna do that until like we're locked and loaded and starting an advertising campaign b/c this is a COOL idea and we don't want anybody else to filch it.

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