Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caleb's WALKING!!!

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So yesterday morning around 9:40 am I picked up the phone to call my girl friend and was watching Mr. Caleb playing around at his toy table thing. He turned around and let go of the table to free stand, which he's done before, and then decided he wanted the coffee table instead. Well the coffee table was about 3.5 - 4 foot away from the toy table. So one VERY shaky step at a time Mr. Caleb went step, step, step, step and then grabbed the coffee table with his hands and walked the rest of the way!!!

I was SO dang excited and proud!! If I had a lick of sense I'd probably be terrified but I'm still just so thrilled for him! He's doing so good!

And he seems to like this walking thing. Its like he went "Holy Crap! I can do this!!" and is now attempting to walk every where in the living room. So far he's getting better and can walk in straight lines on flat surfaces with no obstacles. lol. And he's doing better about keeping him self standing upright and balanced. 

I would have tons of pictures and videos except for one significant problem. Mr. Caleb is a serious fan of the camera. He likes it better than the kitty cat and thats screaming something. So every time the camera comes out, he get so excited he turfs it and crawls at high speed to me as quickly as he knows how and proceeds to have a fit until I let him have the camera or it mysteriously disappears. 

Never fear though, I'll suceed.... eventually. 

But for now, shout it from the roof tops: MY BABY IS WALKING!!! YAY!!!

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