Saturday, April 24, 2010

We usually try to avoid this

But I'm having one of those moments because I stepped on the scale and determined that I should never eat again. Or at least not for at least a year b/c I figure I've got plenty of storage on hand so I should use that first. I figure if I drink lots of water and take vitamins I should be good right?

Ya know a couple months ago I was freaking over not wanting to go to my hs reunion b/c of how large I was. So I was thinking I was going to do some hard core dieting btwn then and now and at least made a dent. Well, apparently that translated in to develop a binge eating disorder and gain 10 pounds instead.

I should just start reading labels and max myself out at 1000 calories per day. It will suck butt but it should be doable in the "won't put me into starvation mode". I figure its a step up from just plain not eating right?


I'm having a depressed night so I'll just stop.

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