Friday, April 30, 2010

Cardiac Stress Test

Well, in addition to walking Caleb has unveiled another new skill. Yesterday I look up from my vacuuming to see that Caleb can now climb up on the couch, which he has done and is now STANDING on top of my lap top reaching for my water glass.

Yeah my heart just about stopped.

Also with his new found mobility is a whole new level of opinionated stubbornness and I have to say I really miss my mellow, laid back, easy going, happy baby sometimes.

On the positive side, I informed Caleb now that he's walking perhaps he should dedicate some time to figuring out the whole communication bit. I don't care if its speech or sign I'd just like him to perhaps express in some terms other than screaming what it is that his new found opinionatedness wants. He seems to be taking my advice actually. Today I stepped over the baby gate into my bedroom and left him in the hallway. He screamed for a minute like he usually does and then started to call after me, "MA!.... MA!..... MA!...." It was really cute. I'm like you're gettin there kiddo! Good job!

We had a good day today though. Some how I managed to go to bed at a reasonable hour, fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. Of course tonight its 3 am and I'm blogging but hey you can't expect miracles every night. But so after a shockingly good nights sleep we had a good morning and I fed Caleb grapes for the first time with his lunch. They were big fat green grapes so I chopped them into little wedges and he really liked 'em. The first one he put in his mouth and then went "HHMmm! MMMmmm!" It was really dang cute. He's a very enthusiastic little grape eater.

We're actually planning on making an afternoon snack a habit for him now b/c starting with his first birthday we get to ditch the formula and go with milk. So he's gonna need more of his calories from food  and since his stomach is the size of a ping pong ball we're gonna have to increase the number of his meals from 3 to more like 5.

We're also working on getting him more used to real food. He had mac and cheese for the first time the other night. And it turns out he loves broccoli (well steamed) and is generally a greedy little food moocher who hasn't found anything on Mommy's plate he doesn't like.

And in non baby news I have to say I'm completely in love with my new business cards. I want to run up and shove them in the face of every single person I meet just b/c I'm so dang proud of myself. I'm like LOOK! SEE!! ITS PWETTY! AND I DID IT!! Which I more or less did at my friends birthday party last night b/c I'm shameless like that. On the upside I took it as as serious compliment when a girl I met there who is a graphic designer asked if she could keep one of my cards b/c she likes to collect really great cards as a source of ideas. :)

And we got the Vintaj idea book today. I stole it from Kathleen's this afternoon (be proud of me I walked down there w/ the kiddo in the stroller!) and I've been drooling over it on and off all night. I want to play with the stuff in there so bad its not funny. Its just this whole amazing new world. I really wanna get seriously into wire wrapping and I wouldn't mind doing some of this embossing and painting/inking/whatever of blanks that they've got goin on in there b/c its in-frickin-credible and gorgeous and makes me drool. AND it seriously appeals to my cheap side by being MUCH more affordable than sterling silver (and we're not even going to discuss gold).

I'm really, really hoping that the Vintaj order gets here before I leave for Houston next week so I can takes some stuff with me to play!

Oh lord, wish me luck taking Mr. Opinionated on the plane by myself.... *shudders* Well, I think I just found tonights anxiety attack thats going to keep me from sleep. Good. Cuz ya know my cousin's coming over in the morning so I can help him with a project for school and I'd hate to be well rested and clear headed.....

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  1. yes, the world of communication is a wonderful thing, until they start back chatting you :-)