Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still not an upper...

So we made the mistake of stepping on the scale. And then the baby kept us up until 6:30 am. So today we accomplished nothing and instead we're having a fat, depressed day. And What I want to do to fix it is make and eat an entire pan of brownies. But that would not exactly help anything given that according to the scale I should probably never eat again.

And then to really help the situation, we had to keep the baby awake whether he wanted to or not b/c I wanted him to SLEEP tonight and not wake up and want to play for 4 hours. So that was LOTS of fun keeping awake a whiney baby. He was not the happiest of campers.

But I will admit he gets cuter and more animated by the day. I am loving his little personality as it blooms.

And then to make things worse, we watched "Knowing".... I'm usually a big fan of Nicholas Cage but this was NOT the upper we were looking for. It was like a really weird twist on L. Ron Hubbards Scientology meets the Book of Revelation. It was just WEIRD. And freaky. NOT the upper I wanted.

So then we watched "Failure to Launch" which I love so that helped some but right now I'm still feeling fat and depressed and I want to go eat an entire cake. Which will definitely solve all of my problems.

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