Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oops. Too Late.

So with the whole job uncertainty and pondering of contingency plans etc, I was trying very very hard not to get my hopes up about the possibility of moving to Austin. I have completely failed. lol

They are wayyyy way the frick up there now. I'm flat out excited. I've been house hunting online and already narrowed down what part of Austin we want to live in (thanks to some friends who live there) and found 7 houses in that part that make me go "ooooOOOooooohhhh! Pweety!!"

Right now there is a grand total of ONE thing that is dissing my excitement over this whole moving thought and that is my jewelry business. I'm not sure how easily it would work from a distance. I mean sure we could ship pieces and run things via video chat etc. But I would sure miss these ladies. A lot.

But otherwise I'm so excited I'm like ready to start packing tomorrow!!! And that's screaming something since I hate moving with a purple passion for it.

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