Sunday, April 18, 2010

Devil's Advocate

So part of me really wants to thwack a friend of mine right now for pointing out reality and playing devils advocate. Because I in my excited zeal over the thought of moving to Austin has largely mapped things out:

If the proposition doesn't pass then Adam will be out of a job by July, so we move to Austin then, he gets a job there, we buy a house, he applies to graduate school in October and starts part time in January, works until next August at which point we have residency and he can go to school full time for half the cost.

My friend had to go and point out the obvious: UT has one of the top rated grad programs in the country therefore that means its really fricking hard to get into. What if we don't get in? This is an ugly limbo problem. Because if Adam loses his job and we move there for work, and he can't get into school there, we're looking at having to move AGAIN so that he can go to school. This is no bueno.

BUT if we wait to move until we get a grad school acceptance letter before moving and he loses his job in the mean time, odds are he's not going to be able to find an equivalent replacement here so we're out his income and that leaves us with a nice block of time we're in limbo with no work and no school which is no good.

I dunno. I think we're just gonna have to pray really, really hard and go where the Lord tells us to go.

I'm just kinda scared right now I'm going to have a hard time feeling inspiration clearly through my excitement over the prospect of moving to Austin....

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